‘Dr. Phil’ & ‘Octomom’: A Picture Worth 1,000 Words

IMAGE2  Once in awhile a picture and a press release simply defies your ability to come up with anything clever (or more horrifying) to say about it. Consider this one of those times. Notice, though, how Dr. Phil managed to milk two episodes out of this circus act, and that the ubiquitous Gloria Allred found a way to attach herself to the story:

(Los Angeles, CA, March 9, 2009)- Dr. Phil McGraw announced today in a special taping of DR. PHIL that Nadya Suleman, the mother of octuplets born in January in Southern California, has come to an agreement with Angels in Waiting to care for her 14 children.  The arrangements have been finalized in the last week, at the urging of Dr. Phil, so that Ms. Suleman could provide the best possible care-giving solution in advance of the octuplets being released from the hospital.

Details of the agreement will be revealed in today’s taping of DR. PHIL, to be broadcast in two parts on March 10th and March 11th. (Please check your local listings.)

According to Linda Conforti West, CEO and founder of Angels in Waiting, the agency initially will be providing around-the-clock services of skilled neonatal intensive care nurses who specialize in premature infant developmental care. Psychological and physical early therapies to help enhance all of the children’s growth and well-being will also be provided.  All Angels in Waiting services will commence as soon as the octuplets are released from the hospital and will be reevaluated every 6 months.

“From the beginning, my interest in this story has been guided by my concern for these children,” said Dr. Phil. “Nadya realized that she had to make every effort to care for the octuplets as well as the 6 children at home in a way that proved that she understood the enormity and complexity of the task ahead.  The plan in place, which could not have happened without attorney Gloria Allred and Angels in Waiting, affords all of the Suleman children a chance to grow and thrive. The childcare will be completely transparent, so that Kaiser Permanente and Child Protective Services will see that Nadya is seriously committed to her family.”

Attorney Gloria Allred, who originally brought Angels in Waiting to Ms. Suleman’s attention, added:  “I am delighted that Nadya understood that the offer from Angels in Waiting was made in the best interest of the children, and I am equally delighted that we could find a way to provide help and support so that she could remain in her own neighborhood. Now that Ms. Suleman has found a suitable new home, Angels in Waiting has also agreed to help Nadya prepare the house properly to meet the children’s needs.”

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  1. maggie says:

    Dr Phil does not have my respect,and i will never watch his show again.

  2. maggie says:

    i used to respect Dr Phil,i will never watch his show again

  3. Penny says:

    Did you just hear she fired angels in waiting. She just wanted to get her house fixed up for safety reasons and then she let them go…. This woman will lose her children. Watch and see.

  4. zerohelp says:

    dang hvaila you called it. There was a post on radar online saying that she has fired angels in waiting as of today march 23. She says she wants to hire her own…. ugggggggg she needs to get out the spot light and if she wont she needs to stop complaing about the attention she has ASKED for.

  5. hvaila says:

    Hey, Dr Phil, how about providing some of that free child care/assistance, free interior decorating, etc. to all the families that did it the right way by planning and budgeting to raise a family and have to live in “reality” with increased all-around expenses or suffer unemployment (because they actually work for a living unlike Octo) or are on the verge of foreclosure…how about some free assistance for those people? This Octomom will fire the Angels and make you look like a fool. Oh, but that’s okay, then you’ll do another full episode of your camera crew trying to confront her. Do you really think you’re helping?? You’re just giving her the attention and the freebies she’s been holding out for. Hmmm..and you’re the so-called “Dr.”?

  6. hafling86 says:

    I have always admired Dr. Phil as a talk show host. He would lways put people straight as to what he felt they were doing right or wrong. But, my feelings have absolutely changed with his attitute towards Nadya Suleman. He’s just as hungry for fame and money as she is. He kept saying that she has secured a house for over five hundred thousand dollars and never once put her on the spot as to where she got the money to buy such an expensive house. He is doing this just to fill his ego and she because she is just crazy! I totally feel sorry for those precious babies…all eight and all six of her older children. I have lost respect for him and the show.

  7. Kathleen says:

    I am really starting to disrespect Dr. Phil. He is as bad as the Octomom. He did the same thing with Britney Spears. Is he licensed? He just wants his fame. I tuned in yesterday to watch one of two shows he is having. He said something to the octomom like what did you tell me yesterday and she had to say that she was scared of Dr. Phil. He just had to make her say that as if he were the only one to help her. It was sad and I had to turn it off.

  8. Pete W. says:

    poor kids

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