International drama for Lookout Point

Producer Simon Vaughan, who helped found Alchemy TV before departing last year, has launched a new media shingle.

Lookout Point, which reps Vaughan’s first solo company, will co-produce and finance international drama – something in which Vaughan has much experience thanks to his time at Alchemy.

“It’s a timely recipe and this year I really feel the model has proved itself,” Vaughan said of international TV co-productions. “Co-production used to be a bit of a dirty word in some circles. Now it’s essential to the production process.”

Lookout Pointwill focus on locating funding for projects and then serving as an exec producer – but won’t serve as a distributor.

“It is important to have maximum mobility, so I can work with networks, studios or production companies without treading on the toes of their own in-house distribution entities,” he said.

Vaughan is nominated for an Emmy this month for his work on Alchemy’s “Coco Chanel” (which ran on Lifetime). He also helped finance the CBS/CTV drama “Flashpoint,” and remains a producer on ABC’s upcoming “Ben Hur.”

At the new company, Vaughan plans to focus on both series and longform.

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