‘The Big Bang Theory’: Can’t get enough of those nerds

Good news all you fans of “The Big Bang Theory”: We had so much fun with the Jim Parsons Q&A  that we’re doing one with the show’s co-creator Bill Prady.

We chatted with Bill after a taping back in November and he’s enthusiastic about answering your questions regarding the awkward genius quartet (Sheldon, Leonard, Wolowitz and Koothrappali) and their gal pal Penny.

The show has continued its hot ratings pace and has been picked up for two additional seasons.

As always, here are the guidelines. We’ll send questions to Bill in about a week. I’ve saved some of the queries you all sent in for Jim Parsons that he didn’t have answers for (see the first comment below). We’ll see if Bill can provide you with the info you’re seeking, especially the ever-popular “Will Sheldon and Penny ever hook up?” question. I don’t know how much future plot Bill is able or willing to give away so phrase those questions carefully.

1) Hit the comment button below and ask your question by April 3.
2) You may ask more than one question but we are looking for quality, not quantity. Asking more will not guarantee that you’ll get an answer. In the spirit of fairness, we try to give plenty of folks a chance.
3) Read through the other comments to make sure you’re not repeating something that’s already been asked.
4) Be clever and have fun.
5) The person who asks the best question will receive a special prize to be determined.

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  13. Lourdes says:

    Since Sheldon is so fond of Batman, have you thought of possibly having Michael Keaton on the show?

  14. Grace says:

    Sheldon/real girlfriend/ever?
    Not just one who wants him for his brain….and NOT Leslie Winkle!
    Is he always going to be the same way? I don’t want him to die alone *sob*
    Couldn’t he have Penny?
    Keep up the great work, my number one show!

  15. John says:

    You’ve written for many TV shows, with characters who have wildly different “voices” and personalities. Somehow each character’s personality and voice is consistent across many episodes and seasons. For example, Sheldon Cooper never turns into or sounds like Edward Montgomery. Could you share some insights or advice on the process?
    When different writers script episodes, the characters stay consistent. Do some writers or crew sort of shepherd some characters as the filming day approaches? Does someone oversee the scripts for consistency? Do the writers do it entirely on their own? It’s remarkable.

  16. Nicola says:

    As much as i love the awkward staircase conversations in TBBT i want to know if the elevator will EVER be fixed? It would be so funny to watch someone get trapped in there with Sheldon haha

  17. elyse says:

    LOVE “Big Bang Theory”!
    My question: what are your parameters for choosing a guest star? Do you write guest characters with an actor in mind? Since you had a Battlestar Galactica actor on one episode, I was wondering if you’d ever get any Stargate actors. David Hewlett would be fantastic on BBT as he’s the king of the scifi geeks :)

  18. Wendy Scott says:

    To echo a number of the comments above, I love this show and how you treat the sci-fi references as just part of their lives.
    I, too, would love to see an ep of how the lads got together especially the development of the renting agreement between Leonard and Sheldon.
    Congratulations on the renewal and hope to see it on TV screens for a few more years to come.

  19. Claudia says:

    Ditto the comment about seeing how the guys met – what a great episode that would be! Is that a possiblity?
    Secondly, I hope the show doesn’t go down the cliched route of ‘Leonard gets with Penny’ ‘Sheldon wins the Nobel Prize’ ‘Howard finds a girl just like him’ etc.
    The show is far too brilliant for that to happen. I hope you subvert the viewer’s opinions and do something radical like ‘Pennyhooks up with Howard’ actually, even better ‘Penny hooks up with Sheldon’ – that would be too hot!!
    p.s So glad the show was renewed, the best thing on TV bar none!

  20. Jennifer says:

    Hey, love the show so much!
    One question: Where has Stephanie gone? I loved her character, ahe and Leonard are great together…Leonard is kind if chasing a hopeless dream in Penny.
    Sheldon/Penny – ‘for the win’

  21. Tony says:

    The Big Bang Theory draws energy from a well-crafted underlying structure. So it was cool to hear your interview (with Bob Andelman) last year, in which you explicitly described your sense of that structure:
    “I think Johnny, to me, is the emotional center of the show.”
    “Penny tugs Leonard out into the world, and Sheldon tugs him away from the world.”
    “Leonard and Sheldon are near the middle, not the extremes, and Koothrappali and Wolowitz bracket them on either side.”
    Did you already conceive of the show in these clear terms, in the months leading up to the 2007 pilot (or even leading up to the first pilot)?
    Was the collaborative creative process rather smooth, or did the show’s concept evolve more dynamically, around 2006, with different creative viewpoints tugging toward opposite poles?
    And how does the development process compare with the creative atmosphere on the series now?
    Thank you, Bill. Thank you, Kathy.

  22. stephanie says:

    I was gonna ask about a possible Sheldon and Penny hookup–but seeing as how it’s been asked alot already–I was wondering if we’ll ever have an episode where we meet Penny’s family? Or maybe the gang takes a trip to visit her family in Nebraska? Come to think of it, will you ever tell us her last name?
    Also, not much of a question, but I would LOVE to see a flashback type episode featuring kid versions of the gang. That would be amazing. Congrats with the success of the show!(just bought and enjoying season one dvd as I type this!)

  23. Sophie says:

    Are Sheldon and Penny going to get together some time down the line? Hopefully not soon because their bickering is so much fun, but they have sooooooo much more chemistry than ‘Leonard and Penny!’
    They completely work – opposites attract, Leonard tries to hard being sickly sweet, whereas Sheldon would be her perfect companion!!

  24. Sara says:

    Congratulations on the renewal! It’s a great show!
    I was wondering what made you choose Jim and Johnny as your main characters? What about them appealed to you as your main characters on the show? They’re a great choice by the way!

  25. fran says:

    Amazing show! From Chile a self declaimed “number one fan”. So my questions are: What really happened with Stephanie? She just dissapeared and never ever came back. I liked her. She kept Leonard away from Penny. And my second and last question, is there any chance that we’ll ever see Penny and Sheldon together? I (well me and lots of fans) think that they have a lot of chemistry. Besides I like the idea of a non-asexual S.
    Thanks for making such a great show! And keep those episodes coming!

  26. fran says:

    Amazing show! From Chile a self declaimed “number one fan”. So my questions are: What really happened with Stephanie? She just dissapeared and never ever came back. I liked her. She kept Leonard away from Penny. And my second and last question, is there any chance that we’ll ever see Penny and Sheldon together? I (well me and lots of fans) think that they have a lot of chemistry. Besides I like the idea of a non-asexual S.
    Thanks for making such a great show! And keep those episodes coming!

  27. Shannon says:

    While I love that this show doesn’t rush huge plot arcs one after another the way some television shows are apt to, I enjoy seeing characters and relationships evolve, so I just have to know – are there long term goals for any of the characters on the show? Even if you can’t give details, I’d love to know if there’s anything big in store for our favorite nerds.

  28. Sarah says:

    Do you think Sheldon will ever win the Nobel prize? If so, do you think he’d bring Penny as his date?

  29. Dairy says:

    This show is really something unique and special, congrats on having it picked up for a few more seasons!
    My question is this:
    All really good shows, including sitcoms, manage some character development in the characters. I was wondering if Raj is ever going to be able to speak to women? He seems like such a smooth talker (even when drunk) and I think it’s hilarious how he manages to get the attention of girls.

  30. Kirsty says:

    Sheldon appeared far more human and sexualized in the pilot compared to the Sheldon we see today. Do you feel that Sheldon is asexual, like a lot of people claim, or is it more that Sheldon hasn’t met the right person yet who can cope with all his idiosyncrasies?

  31. Nikki says:

    Being a self proclaimed “Queen of the Nerds”, I find the gaming/comic/sci-fi jokes and references on BBT to be well thought out, well placed, and absolutely hilarious. That said…
    1) When will the guys introduce Penny to the wonderful world of table-top gaming?
    2) Warhammer or D&D?
    3) Who do you feel would make the best GM?
    Congrats on the success of BBT, thanks, and keep up the excellent work!

  32. Laura C. says:

    Sheldon and Penny have such amazing chemistry together. Could that relationship ever turn into something more than friendship? Say, 2-3 seasons down the line, maybe?

  33. Anita says:

    Do you guys have any plans on ever making an episode about how Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard met? I know a lot of people (myself included would love to see that)
    When will we see a The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series reference in the show?! Raj’s cap in the pilot was a nice touch, but Douglas Adams deserves much more, don’t you think? :)

  34. Trevor says:

    Congratulations on the success of the show. The writing and performances go hand in hand to create a truly unique and hysterical program.
    Though I’m sure it won’t be ending for a very long time, at this point, how would you envision the show ending. Where would you like to leave our favorite four geeks and a girl by the end of their run?
    Have you mapped out the overall development for each of the characters or are you winging it or both?
    Keep up the great work!

  35. Kathy Lyford says:

    Are Sheldon and Leonard named after the brilliant Sheldon Leonard of “The Andy Griffith Show,” “The Danny Thomas Show,” “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” “My Favorite Martian,” “I Spy?” — binnie hedge
    In regards to Sheldon, do you think there is a romantic connection with Penny? or will there ever be a connection with Penny? — Mega
    Will there be a resolution with the situation with “The Nemesis”, Leslie? It bothers me a bit that she seems to often get the better of Sheldon. — Emodius
    Has there been any thought of possibly stretching out a storyline over the course of multiple episodes? The Sheldon worshiper story was very clever but it was wrapped up way too quickly; I would’ve loved to see it continue for a few weeks. — Anthony
    Hi Bill, I’m from Czech republic. Even though in “Big Bang” was reference about “Czechoslovakia” I do hope you know that we aren’t Czechoslovakia no more. But only Czech republic. ;-) Have a nice life! I like you. Bye Veronika

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