You Losties are amazing —188 responses, most of those containing multiple questions
for the show’s honchos, Carlton Cuse (left, below) and Damon Lindelof.
Let me tell you, it was no easy task to whittle those queries down to
20 to send to the guys. Of those 20, each showrunner picked five to

We didn’t want to leave anyone out, but Damon and Carlton agreed to answer 10. Rest assured we made every
effort to combine as many similar questions as possible so that we
would represent the most-asked questions. That said, if your question
began with “Will we ever see…?”, it didn’t make the cut since the guys
were explicit in not wanting to reveal future plot points.

season five down to just a couple of episodes before the two-hour
finale on May 13, the “Lost” scribes have been piling on the
revelations (Castaways worked for  the Dharma Initiative back in 1977!
Ben actually saved Rousseau’s daughter!) and filling in backstories at
breakneck pace (Glimpses of Charles Widmore in his prime have been
eye-opening, and last week's episode on Miles' history
was a retro gem). The time-travel aspect has been smartly fleshed out,
with Hurley and Miles debating its rules in comic style. And Damon and
Carlton have revealed via podcast the chosen name for the season
finale’s key scene (The Fork in the Outlet).

“Lost” showrunners have been busy this season, locking in the show’s
core characters and throughlines, keeping track of elaborate continuity
(witness the kerfuffle over Charlotte's age)
and laying the groundwork for a grand wrap-up of all the show’s
mysteries in season six. It’s rare for a TV series with such an
intricate and serialized storyline to maintain such rabid fan interest
and confidence in the storytelling, but Damon and Carlton clearly bring
their own rich appreciation of drama, sci-fi and genre to the endeavor,
as reflected in their ongoing love for the Stephen King universe and Damon co-writing the sequel to Par’s upcoming reboot of “Star Trek.”
It’s clear from their responses to your questions that they’re both
showrunners and fans themselves, and that “Lost” proves an iconic

UPDATE: The winner of the signed DVD set is (drumroll…) Derek, who asked the first part of the question about the predetermined end date. The scribes couldn't pick a favorite question and neither could we so we put everyone's name in a hat and picked a winner that way. Congratulations Derek! DVD will be along to you shortly.

Thanks for the spectacular response and enjoy the answers. Here we go:

When the show is all said and done, how do you want the show to be
remembered … and about 20 years after the show has ended would you both
be willing to be involved in the remake/relaunch of “Lost,” and if so,
what would you do differently? What has the show taught you? (Combined Ramsey Lawson and Jon P.)
think our hope is that looking back on the entire run of the show, that
people remember the EXPERIENCE of watching it — what it actually felt
like to be mystified and frustrated and surprised — as opposed to just
where it landed storywise. When all is said and done, we’ll have
consumed six years of our fans’ lives and our greatest wish is that
they look back on that time and feel that it was all worth it. As far
as whether we’ll want to revisit “Lost” 20 years from now, the answer
is probably no… though it would be pretty cool to see what someone else
might come up with!

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