“Lost”: Episodes 1 and 2, “Because You Left” and “The Lie”

Thursday ayem update: “Lost” ratings weren’t spectacular, by the show’s high standard, but they were solid by any other yardstick. The 9-10 p.m. hour pulled 11.7 million viewers and 5.1 rating/12 share in adults 18-49, according to prelim Nielsens. The second ep from 10-11 p.m. pulled in 11.1 mil and 4.9/13 in the demo. I’m sure the DVR viewing over the next week will swell those numbers considerably.

Welcome to the first “Lost” episodes of the Obama era. Whoo-hoo! Lost5ben

After the excitement of Tuesday’s inspirational inaugural festivities and the excitement tonight of watching two hours of “Lost” in glorious high-def on a large-screen TV, my brain can’t handle much in the way of deep thought and analysis. (And tomorrow is Oscar noms day.)

So I’m not even going to attempt to recap all of the slam-bang, pot-boiling action that unfolded in the first two segs that bowed tonight, “Because You Left,” penned by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (pictured below, Cuse at left) and helmed by Stephen Williams, and “The Lie,” written by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and directed by the skilled hand of Jack Bender.

It’s downright comforting to be immediately sucked right back into the epic saga of Flight 815 and the isle of mystery, after seven long months of waiting since the season four finale. Sure, you have to allow “Lost” some truly fantastic license at times, but if you lighten up and just go with it, there’s no more cerebral thrill ride on TV. And there is no more ambitious production on the air today; the work these guys and gals pull off in a week is amazing.

All that said, I’m gonna take the easy way out and get out the bullets (points, not ammo) for a few observations, a few favorite lines/moments and a few questions:

**After three viewings (two on the media preview web stream), I’m starting to get the vibe that Sun had something to do with those supposed lawyers showing up on Kate’s doorstep demanding a blood sample to determine if she really is Aaron’s mother. The lawyers show up, send Kate back on the run (again) and then suddenly Sun’s in L.A. and wants to have tea? Something fishy about all that whole scene as Sun recounts the incidents on the freighter before it went ka-boom. Sun’s got a demented look on her face the whole time that she’s talking to Kate.

Lost5dlcccrop **Trying to interpret the use of Willie Nelson’s “Shotgun Willie” in the opening scene with Dr. Marvin Candle. Is it to set the time period? That album was released in 1973, though I suppose Candle could’ve been listening to a Greatest Hits collection. And who’s the baby in that scene? Is it Miles? At first I thought I saw a hint of red in the baby’s hair and thought it might even be Charlotte.

**The glimpse of Faraday in the Orchard Station while it’s still under construction and the workers have just discovered the donkey wheel. Faraday looks like he’s the contemporary bedraggled guy who’s presumably found his way in there during one of their time travel skips (surely there’s got to be a Billy Pilgrim mention coming soon), but does the fact that he is allowed by the “rules” to insert himself in that situation indicate that Faraday at one time was a Dharma Initiative dude? After all, he tells Sawyer that he’s spent most of his adult life studying time travel and the D.I.

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  1. Phil says:

    I didn’t see the knives pointing up in the dishwasher as anything peculiar considering the designation of the dwelling being a safe house. No place that requires the designation of being a safe place is ever actually safe, therefore precautions have to be made–like the tape on the door, like the conspicuously placed knives.
    I reckon Sun is manipulating Kate the same way Ben is manipulating Jack. Ben’s side and Widmore’s side seem to be in competition for the influence of the Oceanic 6. To what ends, we can only speculate but I reckon it has something to do with getting back on the Island. I trust the militaristic Widmore far less than I trust the diplomatic Ben (I still make the case than Ben really is one of the good guys–he was decent enough to flush Jack’s pills down the toilet!). And given the trauma that Sun’s faced since the guise of rescue came, I have serious doubts that Sun’s mind is fully rational.
    One thing I was fascinated by is that during the second viewing Daniel’s journal had entries regarding some changes that occur as the universe expands, things corresponding with past a past journal entry of a diagram charting time, real time, space and imaginary space on a plain. Surely that has much to do with time displacement, but a few pages later he briefly flipped onto a page headlined with the No Free Lunch theorem. I can’t say I have much of an understanding of the theorem but from I’ve been able to piece together from my Google tangent was that is deals a lot with situational algorithms and the idea that you cannot create an advantage in a situation unless you have knowledge of events that happen or choices that are made. The theorem is not an applicable to any real situations and does not provide any adequate explanation for anything really, but it seemed to correlate to figures like Ben, Richard Alpert, Matthew Abaddon, Mrs. Hawking, and presumably Widmore and Locke who all seem to have cognition of things that have yet to happen and things that they should not know. I think the theorem, or what I understood of it, neatly framed the chess game being played out by Ben and Widmore.
    All in all, I’m glad it’s back so I can wrap my mind around concepts that will likely never come up in my life ever again!

  2. Joe says:

    So we have Kate on the run again and Locke who thinks he is god. And Sun who out to kill Locke. I would by that Sun sent those men to Kate door. We all know who Aaron mother is. And it is not Kate!!!

  3. Ariadna Oller says:

    **Who puts carving knives blade side up in a dishwasher?
    I do XD

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