I bow to the wow of Jack Bender; this was a director's episode of "Lost."

The storyline wasn't quite as mind-blowing as "LaFleur" two weeks ago, but "Namaste" was a good workout for the frontal lobe nonetheless.

As if the two-week wait wasn't enough to build anticipation, our hearts were sent thumping by the fantastic opening sequence of the Ajira flight colliding with a time-travel flash, narrowly missing the mountainside and then skidding dramatically off the landing strip into the jungle. Chilling. I wish I knew enough about lensing techniques to know what the effect was that made those last few seconds when the nose of the plane plowed into the jungle so incredibly intense, but whatever d.p. John Bartley did, it worked. And just as my spine was tingling like a Blackberry set on vibrate, they pull back to a gnarly shot of the co-pilot impaled on some big piece of steel something that should definitely not be protruding from a man's chest. Extra chills, at no extra charge.

There are plenty of Sawyer acolytes out there who probably stood up and cheered at the scene toward the end with the square off between Jack and Sawyer. (I think we all owe an extra special thanks to writers Paul Zbyszewski and Brian K. Vaughan.) You get the feeling that Sawyer's been practicing that testy speech for a long time, no? Jack looks absolutely stunned by the whole crazy turn of events — Matthew Fox did a very good job in that scene — and nothing is throwing our woebegone Dr. more so than slowly realizing that Sawyer and Juliet have been playing house for the past few years. Jack really is Job — he just can't get anything to go his way.

"I'm working on it," Sawyer fairly hisses at Jack when he's confronted with the WTF-do-we-do-now question from Jack. It's been a while but Sawyer still knows how to get to Jack, by questioning his performance as the as leader of the castaways way back in the future of 2004.

"I think. You pretty much just reacted," Sawyer says. "As I recall, a lot of people ended up dead." And just to twist the knife in further, Sawyer reminds Jack that he's now "back where you started" except that Sawyer's in charge now. (BTW, anyone catch what book Sawyer was reading?) "That's how I saved your ass today, and that's how I'm going to save Sayid tomorrow." Whoo-hoo.

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