“Lost”: Episode 8, “LaFleur”

Holy Horace Goodspeed, this is why I love this show.Lost5lafleurjhem

Just when all of us smarty-pants obsessive Lost fans start to think that we have (some of) it figured out, by gum, along comes an episode like this to knock us back on our heels. I’m a little light-headed after absorbing everything that was presented to us in “LaFleur.”

I think it felt particularly intense because a lot of it seemed to be pretty straightforward. I lost track of time after the second or third “Three Years Earlier/Later” slate and just tried to keep up with the ride as best I could. There were too many WTF and OMG moments to count. I was scribbling the whole hour; for once, I didn’t mind the commercial breaks (except the Victoria’s Secret spot with the skeletal model. That bugged the hell out of me. Enough with the emaciated look, already.)

One big question that popped into my mind right as I sat down to write: Where’s Ben in the ’70s Dharma groove that we’ve settled into?

By the end of this captivating seg, written by Elizabeth Sarnoff and Kyle Pennington and helmed by Mark Goldman, we learn that our ragged band of time-travelers — Juliet, Sawyer, Miles, Jin and Faraday — first integrate themselves with Dharma in 1974. And three years from that time would be, of course, 1977 (summer of “Star Wars” – I remember it well).

Ben, as we know from that great season three episode), was born by the roadside in Portland, Ore., sometime in the early 1960s (to the best of my recollection at this moment) and of course was delivered by good ol’ Horace Goodspeed and his girlfriend/wife who were kind enough to help Ben’s mom and dad in their moment of need, and then help Ben and his no-good dad come to the island when Ben was 10-11-ish. So doing the math, you gotta believe that Ben definitely arrives on the island somewhere between the 1974-1977 time frame, if not before. And, if memory serves, he’s about 20-21-ish when he helps deliver the gas attack on the Dharmas, on his birthday no less.

During the episode, I kept thinking about how the presence of Sawyer et al for these years will turn out to have influenced the course of the Dharma story. As Faraday reminded us yet again tonight, “What happened happened.” I’m sure our “Lost” leaders have answers for us, at some point.

Another thing that made this seg so engaging was the superb casting. The scene early on with the Dharma guards in the monitoring station who are afraid to go get “Mr. LaFleur” was a fantastic case of When TV Worlds Collide. Guard Jerry was the great Herc from “Friday Night Lights,” played by Kevin Rankin. And Guard Phil was the unctuous, but somehow charming, Jimmy Barrett from “Mad Men,” played by Patrick Fischler. Whoo hoo. Bonus points for TV junkies!

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  2. teayneverdie says:

    Did you notice that the Others are called the indigenous people

  3. Karen says:

    This was my favorite episode so far. It was pure fun Lost. I thought I’d be resistant to Sawyer being with anyone other than Kate but the episode was so well written and Josh and Elizabeth totally sold it. I just fear that something will happen to Juliet being her name represents star crossed love or tragic death. Ben’s jealousy??? He may think If I can’t have her no one will?

  4. John says:

    Yes it was locke who encountered Horace building what would become the cabin and yes he did have a nose bleed.
    Could be that he was popping up in his future, the survivors past appearing to locke during the whole time skipping flash period. That said..what do you think of this? Amy’s baby????? I think it’s Desmond.

  5. Shali Dore says:

    Did you notice that the Others are called the indigenous people or something along those lines when Richard Alpert shows up? That means they predate Dharma right?

  6. delacruzsann says:

    I have to agree with step. Lost is making more sense as time goes by. I suggest that you, cab driver, go back and re-watch the first four season. And really pay attention this time. I never really understood/understand how people become so confused with Lost. The story is right there. The explanations (albeit not all of them) are right there. I think you just have to go along for the ride rather than try to understand every single little aspect of the show. If you just strap yourself in and enjoy the show you’d be surprised about how much you pick up rather than when you’re trying too hard to understand what’s going on.
    Love Sawyer with Juliet! Although I’m eager to see what the reactions of everyone else will be when they realize Sawyer and Juliet are together…bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!…Drama!

  7. step says:

    I disagree. I think Lost is finally beginning to make sense – in that they’re introducing new characters and situations, and painstakingly going back and showing us exactly how and why we got to this point in time. The show is at the top of its game, and tonight was the second best episode of the season – after Jughead, which Sawyer so wonderfully brought up. Can’t believe we have to wait two weeks.

  8. Cab Driver says:

    I have to say that Lost is making less and less sense every episode. The writers keep adding these storylines that are backed up by nothing. It seems like none of the characters are really aware or care about how bizarre of a situation they are in. Why does John Locke need to die in order for the Oceanic 6 to come back to the island? Why do they need to come back to the island to save the others? Why do none of the characters ask any questions? I mean, we havn’t even really gotten a clear answer on what The Others were dong on the island, and Juliet is one of them. Why dosn’t she tell them in detail who exactly The Others are, what they were doing on the island, and all the details that she knows about the island. Why don’t the rest of them try to get more answers from her. Who are the Dharma initiative? Its obvious that they are doing research and stuff, but I just find it really strange how Sawyer and people don’t just ask them wtf is going on? It seems like none of the characters care about getting answers anymore. This show is pissing me off. Anyways, if you missed tonights episode, check it out online here…
    …and try to see if my rant makes any sense to you.

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