"Hey, I'm just a driver."

When you're Lance Reddick, you're never just an anything. You are the creepiest, spookiest, strangely compelling and "Wire"-y driver who ever prowled the streets of L.A., or Tunisia, or Santo Domingo, or Santa Monica. Gawd, he's a fantastic actor, and there wasa great pic and feature story on our man Matthew Abaddon in today's L.A. Times.

Abaddon's return to "Lost"in episode seven, "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham," was the maraschino cherry and jim-jims on top of a six-scoop (one for each of tonight's extra minutes) hot fudge sundae. What did we do in our past time travels to deserve such a wonder on Wednesday night. (Sadly, ABC has no art from last night's seg; apparently none of its photogs covered this episode.)

There's much to sort through in this seg — delivered to us by the power trio of Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof and helmer Jack "Badass Lenser" Bender — but let's start with some big-picture questions.

** So, who exactly is Richard Alpert aligned with? Ben? Widmore? Jacob? Captain Jack Sparrow? Someone/thing else entirely? Interesting that both Ben and Widmore sort of dismiss him to Locke.

** How did Widmore know to track Locke pre-815 crash? How'd he know to send Abaddon to work as the orderly in the hospital where he told Locke to go on the Oz walkabout, etc. Who told him about Locke? Alpert? Or did Widmore know from their 1954 meeting? I loved it when Widmore in Tunisia asked Locke "how long has it been for you" since Locke first encountered Widmore at 17. Everything we think we know is wrong.

** Caesar (c'mon, there's nothing coincidental about that name) who we first met briefly last week, is no innocent victim here. He seemed to be very deliberately and purposefully looking for something in that office space on the island in the opening shot. I don't remember a Dharma station that looked quite like that however. And Ilana, the woman who seemed to be a cop escorting Sayid on the plane in last week's seg, seemed to know Caesar as more than just a fellow castaway.

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