“It’s OK, he’s with me.”

No, Jack, you’re with him.You might as well have a dog collar around you’re neck because you are sooooo subservient to Benjamin Linus now that it’s hard to take. Just ask Kate.

For all the curve balls that tonight’s Lost installment, “The Little Prince,” threw at us — and they were fast and furious in the last 15 minutes (JIN! ROUSSEAU! JIN! JIN! JIN! JIN!), the one big moment of clarity I had was that Jack is just a goner. He may be cleaned up a bit, having sworn off the OxyContin and the facial hair, but he most certainly has lost his mind — the sharp, skeptical, strategic mind that helped the castaways so much in the early going of Our Great Adventure.

I saw it most particularly when Jack and Kate were sitting in Kate’s car outside the motel, when Jack talked Kate into letting him go confront Claire’s mother. (It’s always a good “Lost” episode when there are multiple references to Claire’s surname, or in this case “Mrs. Littleton,” though in point of fact I am not a Mrs. Littleton, but it’s still cool…)

Jack pleads: “I can fix this, Kate.” So cloying. If you have to spell it out, you’re doomed. Jack of old would’ve been up the staircase before Kate had time to react, and he would’ve tried to punch out the lawyer on his way down the stairs. And then he would’ve wigged out some more and made sure he hadn’t given the guy a concussion.

In the closing scenes, Jack just sounds ridiculous trying to convince Kate “we all need to be together.” Earlier in the episode he tries to convince Sayid “Ben is on our side.” Can’t he tell how ridiculous he sounds? Sayid wisely corrects Jack: “The only side he’s on is his own.” But does Jack listen? Nooooo.

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