"A 12-year-old Benjamin Linus just brought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I'm doing?"

Am I the only one who thought of "Five Easy Pieces" with all the talk of chicken salad sandwiches in this seg?

Tonight's installment of "Lost" was the weakest of the season to date, for this Dharma bum. I didn't gasp enough, which means I've been spoiled by the greatness of the previous nine installments. "He's Our You" had a bunch of good lines and the whoa factor certainly picked up in the last four minutes or so.

Generally speaking I love a good Sayid episode so this was kinda doubly disappointing. But let's think about what we've learned tonight about our favorite former member of the Iraqi Republican Guard.

Certainly this seg, written by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and helmed by Greg Yaitanes, reinforced what we've already learned from Sayid's unfortunate dalliances with Femme Nikitas in past segs. At heart, he's a lover, not a killer. He has a healthy libido, for sure, but even more than that, he wants to be loved. He wants to be accepted as a good guy, not a monster who tortures and murders on demand (whether it's chickens or Russians or a golfing buddy of Charles Widmore).

Even in the childhood flashback scene to his boyhood in Tikrit, you get the idea that Sayid snapped the neck of the chicken for his brother (I presume?) to be a pal, rather out of a blood-lust for poultry. Interesting that the brother is unfailingly honest and admits that Sayid killed the bird without hesitation, to his own detriment. Which probably only raises Sayid's esteem for his brother.

Moreover, Sayid seeks a purpose to his life. For a while, it was the burning desire to reunite with his long-lost love Nadia. Then of course it was getting the Oceanic 815-ers off the island. And then it became avenging Nadia's death after their devastatingly short reunion, and protecting the friends he left behind on the island (that's some guilt trip, eh?).

But when Ben dumps him in the flashback scene in Moscow after Sayid takes out the Russian dude, he's crushed. Not only is he being abandoned but he's now lost his purpose, and he suspects there never was one to begin with, that Ben's talk about needing to protect his friends was horse manure.

"There's no one else in Widmore's organization we need you to go after," Ben tells him. "Mission Accomplished!"

Sayid sounds like anything but a warrior, whining in a Moscow back alley: "What do I do now?"

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