A list of the doctor's most appalling moments

Dr. House’s most appalling moments, as suggested by the “House” writing staff:

1 Faked brain cancer to get drugs (“Half Wit,” season three)

2 Kidnapped his favorite soap star (“Living the Dream,” season four)

3 Stuck a thermometer up a patient and left it there (“Fools for Love,” season three)

4 Stole pills from a dead guy (“Merry Little Christmas,” season three)

5 Took a hair sample from his dad’s corpse to test his DNA (“Birthmarks,” season five)

6 Asked an 11-year-old girl her mother’s favorite sexual position (“It’s a Wonderful Lie,” season four)

7 Offered to euthanize a 9-year-old (“Autopsy,” season two)

8 Assisted in a suicide (“Son of Coma Guy,” season three)

9 Tried to poison a dog with Vicodin (“Family,” season three)

10 Dropped acid to get rid of a migraine (“Distractions,” season two)

11 Cheated rehab by taking Vicodin throughout (“Words and Deeds,” season three)

12 Hired a private investigator to spy on his friends/co-workers (“Not Cancer,” season four)

13 Punched Chase (“Finding Judas,” season three)

14 Grabbed Cuddy’s breast (“Let Them Eat Cake,” season five)

15 Told Cuddy she would make a terrible mother (“Joy,” season five)

16 Stuck a knife in an electrical outlet (“97 Seconds,” season four)

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