Favorite episode?

“I loved the episode in season one where Boone dies and baby Aaron was born. That episode summed up everything from the tragedy of death to the miracle of birth. It showed people at their most vulnerable, living with no luxuries, with none of the things we all take for granted. It just got down to the essentials.”

What you like most about your character?

“I think you never know what you’re going to get from Kate. She’s a really mixed bag of tricks. She’s flawed and makes mistakes but is also amazingly strong. I think that’s really special because we see all these female characters who are surreally inhuman. They’re these warriors who never break down. In a lot of ways she represents the everyman. She tries her best, but she screws up all the time. Damon (Lindelof) and Carlton (Cuse) have been generous enough to develop a real arc for her. I’m lucky she’s continually changing right to the end of every episode. … I love that Kate represents the reality of the everywoman doing her best and just trying not to screw up.”

What was the most shocking twist in the storyline?

“I’m very surprised that Kate ended up with Aaron. If you could trade jobs with any actor on the show, I’ve always said I would like to play Claire because I’d like to be a mom. I always wanted to wear the pregnant suits. After saying that for four years, my wish was granted. That surprised and absolutely thrilled me. It was great, because Kate was almost completely self-involved, tough and focused, and then she has to let everything go to be a mom and make herself totally vulnerable.”

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