Sarah Palin bids farewell to post

THE DEATH of Farrah Fawcett, after her long and valiant battle against cancer still has her friends and family reeling. This lovely woman was so strong-minded, so determined to cure herself and live, that nobody was really sure she wasn’t going to get up and announce, “no, not yet!” That wasn’t the case, unfortunately. And two who have been especially stricken by Farrah’s passing are her sister Angels, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith. When both Kate and Jaclyn had their own brushes with cancer, it was — along with their doctors — to Farrah they turned for support and guidance because, according to an insider, “She was always most level-headed, and they knew she would know what to recommend immediately.” Farrah instantly dropped what she was doing, and went to both Kate and Jaclyn with healing diets and advice on the best treatments available. Jackson and Smith are cancer free today and they credit at least a part of their recovery to the devotion and intelligent outlook provided by Farrah Fawcett.

BLESSED RELIEF from the Michael madness came in the form of the fabulous Sarah Palin. What utter wackiness! Her resignation speech was a miracle of operatic incoherence. But some have suggested that most people didn’t get it because Sarah was actually speaking in tongues. Only her base could really understand. Despite MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell reporting that Sarah insists she’s “through” with politics, I don’t think so. Sure, she’ll finish her book, she’ll appear more frequently on Fox, she’ll “speak out” in her winking, finger-waggin’ way and pay off those legal debts. She’ll be palin’ around with all the Republican hopefuls, raising funds. But she’ll be back running for something, and I say sooner rather than later. It’s not so much that politics is in her blood, but power and stardust — she loves her celebrity, she loves her “victimization,” she wants to be… Eva Peron in Foster Grants. Wait, folks, her big balcony scene will be arriving any time now. (If intelligence was a weightlifting event, Sarah wouldn’t make it to the finals. But she is smart like a fox and telegenic like a movie star. And that’s all you need to succeed, these days.)

And as I have pointed out from the moment she was sprung on us, all spunky and mavericky — the more Democrats dump on her, the more powerful she becomes. Based on her performance the other day, some might conclude that she has simply become unhinged, but that’s just her way — hyper-emotionalism mixed with flag-waving, family values and poor pitiful me. It plays to her base like gangbusters.(Forget the Perils of Pauline; Ms. Palin is tying herself to the train tracks now, with loving attention to those easily loosened knots.) And no matter how distasteful moderate Republicans find her — moreso since her Alaskan bailout — she is all they’ve got right now. To get back in the White House, they’ll play it her way, all the way. Mark. My. Words.

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