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Jan. 21, 1969

GOOD MORNING: Hollywood celebs who missed the Richard Nixons at either the Pre-Inaug gala or launching day doings yesterday, have a chance to meet the president today at a D.C. brunch. It should have been no surprise to showfolk Nixon wouldn’t appear Saturday night. They were forewarned (here) last week … Hugh O’Brian, on the longhorn yesterday from D.C. after the inaug ceremonies (“A very emotional experience”) assured he wasn’t on hand because of political affiliation but on invitation by Gen. Emmett “Rosie” O’Donnell Jr. to help the pre-inaug gala. He remained, of course, for other festivities. O’Brian, who campaigned for neither candidate, brought 60 boys to both conventions last year. And entertained LBJ at the White House in “Guys And Dolls” plus the salute to Congress.” … After the GOP doings last night Hugh heads to N.Y., escorts Dinah Shore to Molly Parnis’ party for LBJ’s friends and staff — including Jack Valenti … O’Brian’s date at the D.C. Hilton ball, which he co-emc’d with Orson Bean (was Kenza Aloui, lady-in-waiting to Princess Lala of Morocco … 2009 Update: Hugh O’Brian says he never was a partial supporter of any political(Presidental) candidate despite the above attendance at the 1969 — and other — Inaugural doings. That is until Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas challenged John McCain. O’Brian reminds us that Huckabee was a teenage member in O’Brian’s HOBY program. He wrote Hugh: “Your 1971 HOBY Space Seminar at Cape Kennedy was life-changing for me.” Hugh O’Brian’s program was grown from U.S. to international high school students with an annual conclave at George Washington U. in D.C. the last weekend in July. O’Brian says Huckabee has attended these conclaves and spoken at seminars. In addition, several sitting presidents have made appearances before the HOBY teenagers’ international meet and Hugh tells me he is hopeful that Barack Obama will attend this year’s conclave. And he believes Obama “is good for the country.” Over the decades, O’Brian had shifted from legit appearances to his signature “Wyatt Earp” series in which he happily owns a percentage of the 265 segs, which will again be seen five times a week starting in April. He makes personal appearances regularly — like Wednesdays at the Festival of the West in Phoenix where he signs photos and brochures — these appearances are good for $10,000 a day. When I asked him if he does any acting any more, he answers, “I never did! “But,” he seriously adds, “I would like to do ‘Guys and Dolls’ again.” Hugh O’Brian will be 84, April 19. “Don’t tell Clint Eastwood,” he laughs.

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