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  • Zoe Ewan McGregor

    Tribeca Film Review: 'Zoe'

    “Zoe,” a chilly but soft-headed do-androids-dream-of-electric-love? sci-fi romance, is one of those movies in which the future is depicted as being a heartbeat away from the present, a scheme that serves two neatly interlocking purposes. It allows an ambitious indie filmmaker — in this case, Drake Doremus — to make a science-fiction fantasy on a relatively [...]

  • 'The Night Eats the World' Review

    Tribeca Film Review: 'The Night Eats the World'

    Based on Pit Agarmen’s novel (a form in which this story doubtlessly worked better), Dominique Rocher’s feature debut “The Night Eats the World” focuses on an isolated guy’s boredom and loneliness after an outbreak of the flesh-eating undead leaves him trapped in a Parisian apartment building. The very definition of a well-made movie that nonetheless [...]

  • The seagull

    Tribeca Film Review: 'The Seagull'

    Why is it that in cinema, remakes are so often reviled, whereas in theater, each new production of a classic play brings a fresh wave of anticipation, as we wonder how the director and cast might choose to interpret the characters this time around, and thrill to the idea of watching the material brought to [...]

  • Stockholm review

    Tribeca Film Review: Ethan Hawke in 'Stockholm'

    Stockholm Syndrome is a phenomenon we’re all familiar with — at least, in the abstract. In a hostage situation, some ordinary folks will start to sympathize and identify with the people holding them hostage; it’s a survival technique that carries a weird undercurrent of transgression, as if they secretly wanted to be their captors. In [...]

  • Anything

    Film Review: 'Anything'

    Love, companionship, healing and deliverance often come from unexpected places, but in movies, it’s far too easy for out-of-the-blue twists of fate to feel creakily contrived. That fact is born out by “Anything,” a romance between a recent widower and a transgender woman that, at nearly every turn, operates in schematic fashion. Though the film’s [...]

  • 'Blue Night' Review

    Tribeca Film Review: 'Blue Night'

    In the early 1990s, Madonna met with French New Wave pioneer Agnès Varda about the idea of directing her in a remake “Cléo from 5 to 7.” That film, which was told virtually in real time, followed a free-spirited chanteuse confronted with her own mortality as she wanders the streets of Paris. Though the project [...]

  • 'Corbin Nash' Review: Wannabe Vampire Franchise

    Film Review: 'Corbin Nash'

    “So it begins” is a pretty optimistic line on which to end a would-be franchise-starter — and one not necessarily warranted by “Corbin Nash,” a solemnly silly mashup of ideas from “Blade,” “Batman” and “Sin City,” accomplished on a much lower budget than any of those far, far better films. Still, it’s a movie that’s [...]

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