Tarantino relied on Eli Roth for short in 'Basterds'

The film-within-a-film technique is nothing new, but Quentin Tarantino may have come up with a new way of drumming up interest: Have a Jewish director make a pro-Nazi propaganda short.

Tarantino’s World War II action pic “Inglourious Basterds,” set to bow on Aug. 21, includes clips from a faux movie called “Nation’s Pride,” which mimics Third Reich propaganda films. He enlisted Eli Roth, the helmer of the “Hostel” films who also has a role in “Inglourious Basterds,” to direct just over five minutes of footage. The “Basterds” marketing team went so far as to cut a trailer out of “Nation’s Pride” and posted it on Apple.com.

Roth explained to CNN last week, “After ‘Hostel 2,’ I thought, ‘God, what can I make that’s more offensive and upsetting than this film, but somehow I did it with ‘Nation’s Pride.’ ”

It did get noticed, as it has spread virally on the Internet, but don’t expect it to follow the same fate as other faux trailers.

“Grindhouse,” the double feature directed by Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, also featured trailers for fake movies, and one, “Machete,” is on its way to becoming the real thing. Rodriguez is set to direct a feature version, with Robert De Niro and Jessica Alba among the cast.

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