Company to consult on product submission

Stephen McCarthy and Juan-Carlos Castano have launched Bravedog, an award competition entry company providing assistance to those who are trying to submit their projects for film festivals and award shows.

Prior to the company’s launch, McCarthy and Castano were show runners for such marketing award competitions as Promax/BDA International Award Competitions and M16 Game Marketing Awards. McCarthy said they saw a possible business opportunity by the number of entries they were receiving on a daily basis.

“After doing some research we realized there might be a real business opportunity by providing this service,” he said. “Most of the time when something is being submitted a company has a publicist or intern throwing something together without really taking the time or researching what exactly they are entering in and we thought we could provide that.”

With the recent launch the company has already brought on such clients as CNN, Bravo and A&E Networks.

McCarthy said the basic process involves screening the film and talking it over with the companies marketing and PR people to see what awards or competitions the project would be good for.

“After this we do all the research, doing such things like making sure there aren’t any funky rules that wouldn’t allow the film to compete in the event and other items that might go against or help the project,” he said. “The goal is to get critical kudos for whatever we are submitting but a lot of times we would be trying to get a distributor for the project as well.”

Other than Awards Intelligence based in the U.K. which also consults on what a awards a business should enter to compete for, Bravedog is one of the first companies to specifically focus on helping entertainment driven divisions work towards being awarded for there efforts.

The company also provides services to charities and non-profits but McCarthy said the ideal company would be mid-size companies that are creating products but don’t have the resources or time to take care of this properly.

McCarthy adds that a long-term goal would like to become more of a specialist and adjunct for the PR firms representing these film and TV studios and ad agencies.

“One other goal we would like to achieve is to become an outsource rewards department for these companies,” McCarthy said. “This way we are also building relationships with the studios and agencies so they continue to come back to us.”

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