Your Mama Hears…

…That Puff Daddy (or Just Diddy or Diddle Daddle or whatever dumb name Sean Combs wants to be called today) is angling to buy the same Sunset Strip house he’s been leasing the last few months.

Back in the early summer of 2008 Mister crazypants Combs set up his lavish camp in a glassy house in the hills for which a gal named Fancy Nancy swore on her vintage Chanel clutch that he was paying around thirty grand a month. A lot of money by most standards, but just pocket change for a self-made mogul who burns through money like a wildfire through Southern California underbrush. The 4 bedroom house offers Pee Papa (or whatever) 3 main bedrooms, an additional bedroom for the staff/entourage where he could probably put up his umbrella carrier and ass wiper in bunk beds, 5.5 bathrooms, a media room, a lovely view towards Century City, and two swimming pools. That’s right children, two damn swimming pools.

The house on St. Ives Drive is currently on the market at $5,995,000 (after having been listed last year at $5,495,000 last year prior to P-Daddy signing a lease.

In addition to his (currently temporary) West Coast crib, Mister Diddy has a handful of properties including a mansion on Miami’s Star Island where its been rumored and reported that–much to the chagrin and consternation of many–high drama hip-hoppers Rihanna and Chris Brown have been rekindling their love affair.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    anon 6:39, no my st ives dr doesn’t have any mcmansions, just a lot of old doublewides.

  3. Anonymous says:

    anon 6.57, if it is st ives dr in duluth, ga that subdivsion is filled with mostly mcmansions, with a few true estates on the river……roflmao

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rihannan doll, there are better guys with bigger paychecks, better abs, and bigger dicks than your Chris… Hope you figure this out for yourself before he kills you.

    You’re not much of a role model now – if you stay with this asshole I hope your career tanks. (see Mama’s prev. post for “Debbie Gibson” if you don’t understand tank)

  5. Rihannah says:

    Chris darling…….here I am……..beat me up again……….we got so much press the first time… long can we keeep it going? Maybe add a stab wound this time. You are a model for young guys and young girls will see I stand by my manboy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Geez I guess I missed that CSI Miami episode – THANK GOD! the combined creepy ooginess of P-Diddy and David Caruso would have been too much to take.

    I have heard one thing of P-Diddy’s that I liked. Several years ago he did a mix of a Zepplin song with Jimmy Page for the movie Godzilla.

    Some of you other geezers might enjoy it too.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ha, I own a property on St. Ives drive also… in another state.
    The garden gnome thing too, kind of funny… kinda true. lol

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh and I also HATE Puff for giving Chris Brown a place to reconcile with Rihanna.

    So many girls look up to Rihanna and she is essentially saying “eh, it’s OK if your boyfriend beats the shit out of you.”

    She was supposed to be a PSA…

    So, no, anything but a Puff fan.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am not a fan.
    I am also not ignorant.

    Although I do follow him on Twitter. More for the same reason I follow Shaq…so I can have fun trying to figure out what the hell they are saying.

    I did see P. Diddy’s CSI Miami and thought he did fine.

    Never cared for his music except that song about Big with Big’s ex-wife whatshername.

    Oh and I like Dannity Kane (sp?) but I hate what Puff did to Aubrey because she is actually a cool person (only discovered that by watching an interview on Chelsea Lately…hated her before that).

    Puff is full of himself.

    Having said that, I am not going to ignore the facts.

    And I still stand by my comment that there are plenty of amazing actors today.

    There are plenty of bad, but just as many — or more — good or great.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Lordy, Our Mama managed to get Piddle’s fan and Rihanna & Chris Brown’s fan to come out of the woodwork. She hasn’t done that since that crazy Hugh Laurie fan came around.

  11. luanna says:

    also, rihanna has appeared as a feature on ONE hip-hop song. but then again, so has dido & john mayer. dare we call them hip-hoppers as well?

  12. luanna says:

    “…hip-hoppers Rihanna and Chris Brown…”

    wtf?? neither rihanna nor chris brown make hip-hop music. in fact, rihanna has had about 10 #1 singles on the DANCE charts. chris brown is r&b, though as of late he has been moving in the pop direction.

    i suppose you subscribe to the line of thought that all black musicians are “hip-hoppers”. shame on you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This guy is probably the most uneducated sounding mororn to come off the face of the Earth. It is funny to watch him on Larry King at times and hear how inarticulate he actually is. Why this man, with all his money, does not take speech or even acting lessons or pick up a damn book.
    He is also some serious ugly, watched him for a few seconds on CSI and he is out of shape and looks like he is storing nuts in his cheeks. Now come to find out he is propping up a dude who beats down his girl. The rumors still run rampant that Puff a Lump Diddy is on the DL and recently came out on his twitter about tantric sex for 10 hours PUHLEEZE! When will his 15 minutes be up!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Wow … there appears to be at least ONE P Diddy fan on this blog …

    Out of all the rappers he has the least talent & has to be the most tasteless person on the universe … I detest hip hop & everything associated with it but I prefer Puffy to that fuck face Kanye … seriously, i just need to see a pic of Kanye & actually want to harm him …

  15. Anonymous says:

    Mama you know his fucking name, stop trying to be funny.

  16. BlownOffSunset says:

    them be fightin words……..get out your neve pilss Mama

  17. Anonymous says:

    BTW, it sounds like a bunch of old folks are on here.

    “I cannot stand that rock-n-roll! Turn it down!”

    There is no arguing that actors of today are 10x better than the olden days.

    All they did back then was overact … like they were in theater.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow you people are ignorant.

    The guy wasn’t a full-time umbrella holder. He was actually Puff’s #1 personal assistant who happened to hold his umbrella.

    The umbrella holder has confirmed as much — many times. He is now a mini-celeb in his own right due to TV projects.

  19. TrumpDump says:

    all the wrong people have money these days………………….

  20. dolly says:

    P-P Dribble is just awful. I entirely fail to understand how anybody could pay good money to listen to the music of, or wear clothes designed by, a man who hires another man to hold his umbrella aloft for him. The only thing I can say in his favor is that at least the don’t-let-your-hos-drive-theyselves-home-drunk-from-your-party-but-rather-have-your-driver-Rolls-them-home message on his Ciroc ads is a positive one.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Oh swell!……….I can see the Lifetime TV movie coming. The young scantily clad beatee being chased around the Miami mansion by the young misunderstood abusive beater while Snoop Dog takes the role of the Greek Choros. Just as the beater is about to killdabitch, in storms Diddy to rap on love and respect.

  22. Anonymous says:

    How does he make his money is what I wonder about.

  23. Anonymous says:

    “Can’t act, can’t sing, but he sure can pull the wool over everybodies eyes and rakes the money in…truly is a shame…”

    my god, how many “celebs” these days fit that description? Is it only me, or are all these no talent flavors of the week becoming sickening? There truly are so few real stars left. I’m only 50 yet I feel like god damn Norma Desmond………..

  24. grosse pointe brat says:

    Is it just me, or do we all dis-like this man… Last night on CSI Miami, in profile, the man is a short, squat, pudge! All he needs is a garden gnome outfit. Can’t act, can’t sing, but he sure can pull the wool over eveyrbodies eyes and rakes the money in…truly is a shame…Not a true hater, just don’t like the guy, plus the gaydar goes off big time…YUK!!!

  25. WhiteChocolateMess says:

    welcome back Mama. Hope you’re feeling better. I been keeping an eye on the children but ooh honey some of them have been bad!

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