UPDATE: Beverly Park

Last week Your Mama went on and on (and on) about the half dozen or so houses currently available for sale in the fascinating and frightfully ostentatious Beverly Park community which sits high above Beverly Hills.

We also blathered on about a few of the Beverly Park behemoths that had recently been listed and removed from the open market before a deep pocketed buyer glided through the fabled and guarded gates. One of those properties is the 11,769 square foot Cape-Cod-ish crib of super producer Mike Medavoy and his wifey Irena which they listed in October of 2007 with an asking price of $23,500,000. The asking price was later reduced to $21,500,000 and the property was then removed from the open market after almost a year of twisting in the real estate wind.

Just a day or two after our discussion, and much to our surprise, the 2-acre Medavoy property popped back up on the MLS with a new, improved and lower asking price of $19,995,000.

The married Medavoys have apparently wanted to pack their bags and haul their hineys out of Beverly Park for quite some time because listing information we located reveals they’ve been trying to sell their 6 bedroom and 10 bathroom sprawler on and off ever since 2001 when they listed their white elephant at $15,750,000. Given that its new asking price is the lowest on any mansion (or mega-mansion) currently listed in the North section of Beverly Park, perhaps the Medavoys will have more luck selling their house than they have in the last six or seven or eight years.

We shall see children, we shall see.

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  1. englishteacher says:

    No……….we need FEWER rude assholes like you. Less rude assholes would still be assholes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We need less rude assholes like you, too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    we need a spelling teacher here at Mama’s blog I see…..it’s WRETCHED.

  4. Anna Mosity says:


    They are still at it.


    Genie, Bottle………..

    Never Again!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Excellent summation anon 3:32…having not been everywhere in the world, I couldn’t verify if that’s 100% accurate myself (i.e. maybe there are 5 or 10 similar-sized collections of large properties in other parts of the world) but if true, I concede your point -and you didn’t resort to any name-calling, profanity or even using such convincing tacticts as all-caps! Well-done.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Let me clarify why Beverly Park is unlike any where else. For better or for worse, there is not a single neigborhood that has as many mega-mansions all consolidated together without any smaller lesser properties in the mix. Having nothing to do with the value of hte properties (don’t wanna hear about London). Most rich hoods 10k sq ft houses esp in urban areas are huge. Beverly Park the 10k sq ft houses are the starter homes and the small shacks that most neighborhoods of the Hamptons or Bel Air / Beverly Hills Propery, etc have don’t exist because Beverly Park isn’t a up-grading of an old neighorbood its a fresh build.

    While you may not like the homes, LA or Beverly Park. It is a bit impressive the scale of it all combined.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Who owns the empty lot next to Saban mansion?

  8. Princess Shotsavodka says:

    a white lightning? can you give me the recipe? sounds fagulous!

  9. Anonymous says:

    A lot of billionaires live in Beverly Park. Udvar-Hazy, Hiam Saban, Redstone…to name a few. Of course today, who knows who is still a billionaire.

  10. jj says:

    i’ve been to the medavoy’s twice for two different events (didn’t really even know who he was before i got there)..very nice house, 1980’s decor… it is truly different seeing it in photos from an aerial view than being in the neighborhood…very, very nice and area.

  11. Anna Mosity says:


    PLEEZZZE DON’T E-V-A-H discuss Beverly Park again!

    I am only on my third White Lightning and I am already stupefied by all these comments that I had the stupidity to read.

    Off for an eyebath and a 4th WL. Lord help us.

  12. Me says:

    LA is certainly not without its draw back and you can certainly find all the stereotypes here, but if you choose to see it there is really so much more than smog, tinseltown and plastic tits.

    Besides, where do all you LA haters live that is so much better? Not where do you dream of living, but where do you live?

    I’ve lived in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and while each has it’s frustrations and issues, they are all amazing (American) cities with three different vibes and ways of functioning.

    And like the above person said, so you don’t like LA…you think it’s smoggy, overpriced and full of delusional vegetarians who do yoga and have plastic surgery every other week. Then go read another blog that’s about something you find more appealing.

    P.S. Your spewing venom says absolutely nothing about LA but everything anyone would need to know about you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    As a Canadian, it’s easy to take shots at our big-brother’s provincialism (yes, saying ‘no where like it in the WORLD’ is ignorant)…but as a travelor, I can say that the US has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world -and smog aside, LA has many beautiful spots too…I too, find the desert aesthetically pleasing, as well as spanish-style or modern piles nesctled on a mountain amidst luscious greenery overlooking the ocean. American’s are blessed, and they know it!

    The best comment from above, however, is why frequent a blog mostly discussing LA real estate if you think LA and it’s collection of mansions is disgusting, tacky and nothing like the French Riviera?

  14. Anonymous says:

    impersonating avg joe? why a retarded ape could easily do that…………………….

  15. :{} avg joe says:

    anon needs to be put away, he is saying some scary shit on here, he is even impersonating me

    get some help anon before you do something regrettable in the real world that puts you in prison

  16. Anonymous says:

    3:52 – And to bring up the Italian Riviera in a topic about Beverly Park is not stupid?

    Kettle – meet the pot.

  17. Sick and Tired says:

    wow. so much hostility for los angeles from people who READ A FUCKING BLOG ABOUT LOS ANGELES.

    maybe dogging out l.a. just makes you feel better about living in whatever second rate city or small town you live in? i don’t know, but it’s so tiresome. i mean really, doesn’t anyone have anything more to add than some shit about l.a. being smoggy?

    so are most of major cities around the world, what’s the big deal?

    if you dislike l.a. so much, i’m sure there are plenty of other blogs you can read about the cote azur or the riviera or wherever so you don’t have to come here and insult people.

    i’m not defending beverly park, i happen to think it’s tacky too, but tacky is not exclusive to l.a. i’ve seen just as tacky in some of the places that are supposedly so much better.

    i mean have you SEEN what people have built along The Bishops Avenue in North London? Or how about the South of France where every billionaire in the world seems to park their big boats, most of which are nothing but beverly park mansions floating on the water. Tacky belongs to the world baby, not just l.a.

    besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. i happen to think the desert is unbelievably beautiful, but i’m not going to call somebody a moronic idiot just because they may not agree. so you don’t like l.a. great. fine. we all know now, so you can stop announcing it every chance you get.

  18. Anonymous says:

    To the person above,

    I’m sure the Italian Rivera was brought up because there is a very provincial poster who proclaimed there is “NOTHING LIKE BEVERLY PARK ON THE PLANET”. He/She is the one that brought the world in this so it’s good he/she as corrected. I personally laughed out loud when I read it because BP is one of the tackier, lower-class, not-as-beautiful, “poorer” super-expensive communities.

    Beverly Park is nothing but an overrated pit of boring looking mega-mansions surrounded by a run-down, smoggy city.

    There is nothing special about it. If you live in LA and like it, that’s great, but to say there is nothing like Beverly Park on the planet is just stupid.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Oh please. Your condescension towards American provincialism is just so ugly. Just because a person likes living in LA or finds LA to be beautiful (or whatever) has nothing to do with whether they’ve ever been to or consider the Italian Riviera or Majorca or any other place amazing or not.

    This column was about Beverly Park not Monaco or the French Riviera or whatever other places you deem superior to LA in particular and the United States in general.

    You might consider that what it says about you that you feel compelled to call Americans provincial on a silly blog about celebrity real estate.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Why thank you. “Incredible” is exactly how we describe our AMERICAN Mama on this AMERICAN blog about AMERICAN real estate.

  21. Anonymous says:

    6:11…right you are. Americans are SO provincial. Anybody who thinks smoggy LA is heaven has never set foot, evidently, on the Italian riviera, or on the French, or in the Italian lake district or the Costa Brava or Majorca, etc., etc., etc. Incredible the amount of American provincialism. Just incredible.

  22. Anonymous says:

    a cockroach? well no one can say you are self aware.

  23. :{} avg joe says:

    I am a cockroach. I survive everything.

  24. Madoff's Prison Bitch says:

    avg joe? i thought you were dead! see the comments in the first story…………………

  25. Anonymous says:

    lada? like avg joe has a LADA fucking nerve to spew all his tiresome bullshit all over the place?

    just saying…………….

  26. :{} avg joe says:

    What is a lada? i have a classic 1975 ford 2 door. well i did until it got stolen when i was at the beach a few days ago.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Avg Joe: driving a Lada doesn’t mean you’re “investing with the Russians”…You really need to get out more often (Just saying)…If you’re so wealthy and worldly, perhaps you’ve been invited to a party or two at Kensington in London (where houses START at over $30mm)? BP is beautiful but it’s just plain ignorant to say there is ‘no where like it in the world’ -there are plenty of places just like it. Just saying.

  28. BlownOffSunset says:

    if beverly park is so damn great why is everybody selling? If they are “real billionaires” they could just stay put. And why does avg joe have his head so far up these Beverly park residents asses that his face is coming out of their mouths?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Beverly Park did indeed used to be a rubbish tip – but only some of the acres.

    Overall it is a shit area – little views, no shops for miles. Good site for a prison actually.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Beverly Park used to be a rubbish tip in the 1950’s.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Anon 7:24,

    Do you get out? Have you ever heard of “KENSINGTON PALACE GARDENS” aka “Billionaires Row”? It’s in London, please go look it up.

    Is there even ONE single billionaires who live in Beverly Park? NO. Are homes after homes in Kensington Palace Gardens humongous? YES. Is ANY house in Beverly Park worth over 30 million? NO. Homes have sold in Kensington for over 100 million.

    LOL, Beverly Park is a joke. Have you been to East Hampton? The Hamptons is far wealthier, has larger homes (the largest occupied house in the country…as well as he most expensive property sold in the US is he Hamptons)

    People with real money (i.e. the billionaires of LA) don’t live in Beverly Park. They live in the Platinum Triangle but none in BP. The neighborhood is just for the tacky and is filled with tasteless nouveau riche foreigners.

    Give me Bel Air any day of the week. Beverly Park = Try hard.

  32. :{} avg joe says:

    the hamptons are shit! beverly park is way better. that is why all the russians live there. i am investing with them so i know

  33. Anonymous says:

    Beverly Park looks like shit compared to The Hamptons. Go down Gin Lane, lily pond lane, or Further Lane in summer of fall and see how beautiful it is. BP is nothing special…

  34. Kryptonitesf says:

    if i ever have money, i hope i make better choices.

    jesus, they’re rich, you’d think they’d have an easier time finding “home” than others.

    it’s simple, look for where latitude crosses longitude and then build.

    in the main, money seems wasted on the rich!

  35. Anonymous says:

    So 7:24, the only conclusion that can be drawn from your assessment of Beverly Park is that it’s great in your opinion because it attracts only those interested in building huge monuments to their egos. Me thinks the rarified atmosphere you seem to thrive on is lacking somewhat in oxygen.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I have to say, I am a bit perplexed with whether I like or dislike Beverly Park. But here’s my thought.

    I think just about every house in the neighborhood was done in poor taste. For the amount of money that they cost the architecture of most is less than impressive. They are just big massive homes nothing particularly ground breaking or awe-inspiring about the design.

    I think the neighborhood offers an exciting sense of wonder. In that everyone in LA knows its there, yet 99.99999% of people have get beyond the gates into the “utopian” society held within.

    As for those complaining that once inside the gates (which I honestly doubt many of you have ever been) its nothing but hedges and gates with minor glimpses at the homes… I have to say have you been to many wealthy neighborhoods? That’s how most of them are. Rich people don’t want to be seen or visit with the neighbors they usually value privacy through either acreage, landscaping or geography of the land they dwell on.

    While I do not agree with the doom and gloomers out there, I agree that prices will continue to come down and I think Beverly Park is in for a harsh reality check. For years now, you could buy a massive home in other pricey areas of Beverly Hills or the westside for far less than Beverly Park and with not particular impressive views from most homesites there wasn’t much really supporting the asking prices other than that it was a super hood of mega-homes for the mega-rich.

    Now with soooo many residents trying to unload the homes and practically none of them selling… they are going to have to come down to the reality that the neighborhood isn’t all the spectacular just a bunch of big homes.

    That said, I’d take the Zada house in a heartbeat. I think the landscaping and pool could be greatly improved… but the amount of land and style of the house is right up my alley.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Anon 6:11,

    You are stupid, Mega actors living in the neighborhood has nothing to do with its prestige or reputation.

    While Bel Air and other areas have some impressive homes… there are normal sized nothing special houses in the mix. THERE IS NO OTHER NEIGHBORHOOD ON THE PLANET THAT HAS AS MANY HOUSES THAT EVERY HOUSE, HOUSE AFTER HOUSE IS AS CONSIDERABLE AS BEVERLY PARK.

  38. Myron Mayfair says:

    London is a jewel on our planet. I would always take its architecture, art scene ……….and its greenmaking rain over the hazy brown city where they ” paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

  39. Anonymous says:

    5:14 = Average Joe.

    Even his dead pappy would recognize that, lol.

  40. Anonymous says:

    not only that but who wants to live where is rains all the time ? (london) is humid most the time ? (palm beach, houston)

  41. Anonymous says:

    Beverly Park is actually one of the “cheaper” super-neighborhoods of the world.

    The only reason I like BP over the other “super” ‘hoods in London, NYC, Paris, and in CA is that Beverly Park is very diverse.

    The other Beverly Park equivalents I have been to are too WASPY.

  42. Anonymous says:

    5:14, Ocean sucks. Have you ever been to Star Island? It is much nicer and more exclusive than Beverly Park.

  43. Anonymous says:

    March 11, 2009 4:14 PM,

    Um. No. No place on the planet? Are you kidding me? DO YOU GET OUT MUCH??? There are only four mega actors that live in Beverly Park. (Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Sylvester Stallone)

    The rest of them are no-name successful financiers, entrepreneurs, random Arabs who only live there part time, and an old washed up singer.

    How does that make Beverly Park more exclusive than Bel Air, or Beverly Hills proper where there are far more celebrities and big-name people dwelling?

    And if you think Beverly Park is so special because of the four actors, random part-time Arabs, and no-name developers/business owners who live in it, you obviously don’t get out a lot.

    Ever been to the French Riviera? The Hamptons, Montecito, Kensington Palace Gardens in London? Even the 15 Central Park West building in NY is more “celebrity filled”, and wealthier. All of these locales do excess so much more tastefully and sophisticated than Beverly Park. LOL, I’ve even seen mansions in Dubai that top all of these. I’ve even seen neighborhoods of mega-mansions in Africa that look just like these Beverly Park estates.

    There is nothing spectacular about Beverly Park, it looks like the neighborhood in Houston I lived before coming to LA. The views SUCK, the entrance looks hideous.

    I’m sorry, but I’d a nice plot in Bel Air over Beverly Park any day of the week.

  44. Anonymous says:

    One of my friends lives on Ocean in Palm Beach, arguably one of the best places in the country and I think Beverly Park is nicer.
    Gorgeous neighborhood with gorgeous houses.

  45. Anonymous says:


    I think he said you cannot get in unless you are invited, and I am sure all of these agents had to do the same routine avg joe was talking about, I have been up there many times and that is the way it is,

    just because you did not get your loan for your castle because a banker reading this blog saw your idiotic comments and refused to give you the loan, don’t take it out on avg joe,

  46. Anonymous says:

    Anon 4:59 – That is just not possible. Didn’t you read Joe’s post? None of us have ever been to or can get in Beverly Park. It must be so – Average Joe said it.

  47. Bethlehem Boi #1 says:

    Your Mama is my power of attorney down there on earth…….

  48. Anonymous says:


    Hate to break it to you but the children aren’t scared of nothing except Mama, her Wooden Spoon…and we’ll be praying to your daddy for mercy if Mama’s Mama gets up off the sofa and comes in here. Mama-Mama don’t bother with the spoon, she brings one of the Dr. Cooter’s leather belts.

  49. Voices In AvgJoe's Head says:

    hey broker waht about that safe house? whta’s it worth?heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeee

  50. Anonymous says:

    was just at the Medavoy house as they held it open for brokers-UGH..dated and tired terrible pool area and tacky orangeish rust stripes on the driveway….i would offer them seriously 12-12 million at the most….the grounds are not that special either …nice people but there IS a reasonhas not sold in 8 years for a 20 million plus price tag…perhaps there are better estates and newer for that money> ya think ?

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