Parminder Nagra Appears To Be Flipping Out in the Franklin Hills

SELLER: Parminder Nagra
LOCATION: Lyric Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $1,448,000 (currently off-market)
SIZE: 2,4,84 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: …This is an example of sheer perfection featuring: Ample natural light, open flr plan, den/media room, dramatically over sized cstm wdws, 3 frplcs, 2 balc w/ stunning NW views, 2 patios, terraced bckyd, 25 ft ceilings, NEW systems, cstm kitchen, hdwd flrs, lndry rm, pre0-wired for sound, internet ready, dir access from grge, finished bonus space (not incld in st ft – 40 x 15).

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Listen puppies, Your Mama has been bitten by the flu bug so we’re going to try to get out a discussion between our too frequent trips to the terlit. Please have a bit of patience with us while we try to mend up so that we can jump into the celebrity real estate saddle as soon as possible. In the meantime you’re just going to have to make do with this admitedly anemic discussion.

Back in mid-February, Your Mama received a covert communique from Mister Dave over at Celebrity Address Aerial who pointed our nosy nose towards a house in the Franklin Hills area of Los Angeles owned by actress Parminder Nagra which had been recently listed at $1,448,000.

Although Ms. Nagra did all sorts of television and stage work early in her career, she shot to fame in the film Bend It Like Beckham back in 2002. Shortly after, she was hired by the producers of hospital drama E.R. where she remains one of the Emmy winning programs leading ladies. Of course, everyone who knows Your Mama knows that we don’t care for hospital dramas so if truth be told, we wouldn’t know Ms. Nagra if she walked right up to us wearing scrubs and carrying a script.

Property records show Ms. Nagra picked up this house on Lyric Avenue in September of 2007 when she forked over $870,000 for the 2,484 square foot house. At the time the house was a real fixer and, from the looks of things, Ms. Nagra spent a few dollars giving the place a make over.

Given that Ms. Nagra has owned a house in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles since September of 2004, it’s unclear to Your Mama if the British born boob-toober ever intended to live in this house in the Franklin Hills or if, like so many others in early and mid-2007, she bought it to get into the property flipping business.

Whatever the case, the house was listed in mid-July 2008 where it lingered without a buyer until the end of January of 2009 when it was taken off the market. The 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom quasi-contemporary was last listed at $1,484,000. Had she sold the house anywhere near the asking price, Ms. Nagra would have pocketed around half a million clams for her flip. But alas…

Now then, let’s look beyond insipid and uninspired day-core, which we’d bet our long bodied bitches Linda and Beverly is staging, because otherwise we’d have to discuss the perplexing preponderance of beige and brown micro-suede furniture and those disturbing duck figurines tucked up under the sink in the master bathroom. Quite frankly, Your Mama just don’t have the stomach for that today.

Listing information shows the living room has a fireplace, very high ceilings and a large, not quite right acrhed window the opens to a narrow terrace overlooking the street. The dining area and newly renovated kitchen with boring black granite counters also share the same lofty ceiling as the living room. A family room area sits half a flight up, has a second fireplace and a large opening where Rapunzel can throw down her hair to someone in the living room below.

The master bedroom boasts a high peaked ceiling and a wall of windows that open to a roof terrace with outdoor fireplace and lovely views over the tree tops. Your Mama genuinely hopes the sliding doors in the master bedroom are not the only point of exit from the house to the terrace because no one needs guests traipsing through the master bedroom and getting a good look at where all the magic happens, or as the unfortunate case may be for some couples, does not happen.

Listing information indicates that in addition to the terraces, the back yard is terraced to take full advantage of its up slope, new systems have been installed (which we think means new electric and plumbing) and the house is pre-wired for sound and internet. Somewhere in the house is a 600 square foot bonus room not included in the square footage on file with the County of Los Angeles that can be used for any number of uses including a home theater, a home gym, a home office or perhaps an illegal gambling parlor or s/m dungeon.

Presumably, this house will either be put back on the market at a reduced price of put out for lease until the market stabilizes and Ms. Nagra can recoup her investment. We shall see.

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  1. Nagra please says:

    if Parminder only bought the house to resell then I think it is rather silly to try and sell in this market.

    though the actress recently married, so maybe she bought the house thinking she would move in later but has now changed her mind (maybe her husband has a better place or they want to look for a home that suits both of their taste)

    what ever the deal is I have to say that it is a nice looking home. I’d buy it if they dropped a few of those zeroes :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    And there would be Douche Joe pretending to be a vagina.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We all know Joe is a douche and an idiot. Stop engaging him and maybe he’ll go somewhere else.

  4. Anonymous says:

    same joe same douche bag

    just sayin

  5. avg joe says:

    same anon same douche bag

    just sayin

  6. Anonymous says:

    Really? I only count 16 that I would attribute to Average Joe and his phony names.

    And not a single one of them has anything to do with Mama’s article.

    Wonder why that is??

  7. avg joe says:

    20 posts from the same person with different personalities ?

    pathetic !!!!!!

  8. avg joe says:

    so anon now has to make up other personalities,

    anon why don’t you join military ?

    I am sure uncle sam will have some work for you as you seem to have wayyyyyy to much time on your hands

  9. Antone Johnson says:

    one of my hos told him she needed to take a dump and he made her do it on his chest then he ate it. How else do you think he keeps himself full of sh*t?

  10. Anonymous says:

    i wouldnt tell joe the last time i took a dump.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Anon 8:23/Avg Joe:

    There are two facts/rules that all Mama’s Children know from birth.

    1. Average Joe’s comments are meaningless drivel.

    2. Never devulge any personal information to Average Joe.

  12. Jeff Highland says:

    It’s photoshopped from a photo of the fire burning in a 55 gallon drum that Average Joe and the other homeless gather around on Skid Row each night.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The big question is – – what’s the story on the fake fire? Is it photoshopped? A prop? It’s hilarious…..

  14. avg joe :{} says:

    anon just wondering

    what is your backround ?

    re agent ?

    wall street broker ?

    computer expert ?

    tell us what is it that you do ?

  15. Anonymous says:

    anon just wondering

    what is your backround ?

    re agent ?

    wall street broker ?

    computer expert ?

    tell us what is it that you do ?

  16. Svetlana Vasiliev says:

    Mezziz Cooother, I try and try to scub sheet stain from undiwhere but dat Afrig Jou steel deer!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Poor Joe..been reduced to profanity yet again for being called out for his stupidity.

    Come on Joe, at least make an effort..The children can see through you like a window Sventlanta just windexed.

  18. avg joe says:


    you are a turd covered in shit, piss, puss if you think I am the only on here talking like this

    you fucking putz !!!!!!


  19. Anonymous says:

    You mean – – –

    AVERAGE JOE said…

    The high quality shops in Moscow are shutting by the day, Russian banks will not be able to roll over their loans. When Russia folds along with the eastern block, the homes – especially high end owned by alot of laundered money from Russia will collapse in LA lA LAND.

    The 25-35% drop is nothing.

    March 3, 2009 7:27 AM

    SEE ?

    I did not know that, thanks AVG JOE


    avg joe


    Average Joe, you are truly an idiot if you think ALL the children don’t see through your act.

  20. avg joe says:

    Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The high quality shops in Moscow are shutting by the day, Russian banks will not be able to roll over their loans. When Russia folds along with the eastern block, the homes – especially high end owned by alot of laundered money from Russia will collapse in LA lA LAND.

    The 25-35% drop is nothing.

    March 3, 2009 7:27 AM

    SEE ?

    I did not know that, thanks anon


    avg joe

  21. Anonymous says:

    While I suspect Average Joe seeks to be the textbook definition of an internet troll, he fails miserably at it. He does occasionally manage to start a small flame once in a while on the comments but lacks the skills to make any impact. About the only thing that can be said for him is he is persistant. Everyone here knows his posts are garbage and no one believes a word he says. He is the joke of Real Estalker.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Average Joe — would someone who purports to own a bank really be complaining about the rich. I’m just saying…

    You’re either 14 or you wear a very large tinfoil hat.

  23. OssoBucco says:

    let’s pary he’s hung big or he’s completely worthless!

  24. Anonymous says:

    not only is avg joe clueless when it comes to finances and real estate, he is also too stupid to change his writing style when he pretends to be anon or someone else.

    no one would read his blog if he had one. that is why he has to spam mamas.

  25. DaliLenz says:

    oh i see avg joe has gone anonymous!

  26. Anonymous says:

    The high quality shops in Moscow are shutting by the day, Russian banks will not be able to roll over their loans. When Russia folds along with the eastern block, the homes – especially high end owned by alot of laundered money from Russia will collapse in LA lA LAND.

    The 25-35% drop is nothing.

  27. DoubleWide says:

    I need a god damn nerve pill

  28. angeleyes says:

    Dear Mama, so sorry to hear about your illness and hope you feel alot better real soon. I visited a neighbor who is recovering from the flu yesterday. That time of the year unfortunately. hugs

  29. avg joe says:

    nope I do not want my own blog

    but I would like to see RE listings get back to normal, and the problem is that I personally know these uber rich folks and if you tried to take them for $5 they would roast you over an open fire

    so in todays real estate market they feel that they are in the right to demand these prices esp since most of them have spend millions if not tens of millions in remodeling their investments or they borrowed to the hilt of their inflated appraisals either way they cannot sell for to much less than they are asking that is unless the govt bails them out of another 14 trillion or so, end of story


    that is that

    btw mama should do a story about roman ambromovich and the other soon to lose their billions russian former oligarchs, from what I have read, they will be unloading hundreds if not thousands of estates all over the world at firesale prices very soon

  30. DoubleWide says:

    it is rather obvious avg joe wants his own blog………..and is using Mama’s valuable comment space for that purpose. Mama please get up off that terlit and teach this child some manners!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Doubt she could get even $870,000 for it in this market. And renting isn’t easy either, since everybody who can’t sell is considering renting. Oversupply in all categories. If she has a big mortgage maybe she should just send the keys to the bank.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Yawn. Someone wake me when dumbass joe gets tired of being ignored and goes away.

  33. avg joe :) says:

    I smell lawsuits a coming

    from another blog

    Manhattan Beach Confidential posted a slew of new listings last week that are at prices below their original purchase prices. From MBC:

    — 3505 Pacific, a delightful family home (4br/3ba, 2850 sq. ft.) on a nearly double-wide lot with a big location challenge, was purchased for $1.350m in Jan. 2004, but starts now at $1.299m (-$51k).

    — 1604 Poinsettia (5br/4ba, 3125 sq. ft., 2004 build) was last purchased in Dec. 2005 for $2.2m, and began this week at $2.099m (-$101k).

    — 528 6th (2005 build) is a sharp, angular modern that made a few appearances on MBC in 2008. Last purchased 3 years ago in Feb. 2006 for $2.995m, now offered for $2.799m (-$196k).

    — 429 31st (4br/4ba, 3800 sq. ft., 2002 build) is a Cape Cod up on the plateau that takes the biggest hit among these, right out of the blocks. Last purchased in May 2005 for $2.490m, it starts now at $2.199m (-$291k).

    Also this week, 1821 Palm (4br/4ba, 3525 sq. ft., 1990 build, updated) –- which we noted just last week in “Not Worth Their ’05 Prices?” as one that was “slipping closer” to its April 2005 price ($2.250m) –- chopped below its acquisition price to $2.175m.

    Manhattan Beach 90266 saw 271 existing single-family home sales in 2008 at a median price of $1,575,000, according to MDA DataQuick. That was a 3.3% drop from the 2007 median. Expect to see more of these “under purchase price” listings in expensive neighborhoods, many of which have held on fairly well early on in the decline but can’t keep it up forever.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Sorry avg joe :{} – You have ZERO credibility around here.

  35. avg joe :{} says:

    anon 455pm

    nope that was not me

  36. Anonymous says:

    Kieran – No she doesn’t live in this house. It was an investment property.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Nice try “anon 4:40” aka Average Idiot.

  38. Anonymous says:

    came across this, now I see what avg shmoe was talking about

    It seems that Russia’s new richest man, Mikhail Prokhorov, may not have been telling the whole truth when he denied buying the world’s most expensive house, the $750 million Villa Leopolda (above) on the French Riviera, last year. Back in August we reported that the metals magnate was the mysterious purchaser of the eye-popping property, but Prokhorov, who’s worth $14.1 billion, protested his innocence, saying he declined to do business in France because of a mix-up with some prostitutes and the French police. Now the London Times reports that Prokhorov signed a contract on the property and paid a $55 million deposit, but wants to back out of the deal.

    Prokhorov reportedly lost $7 billion in the economic crisis but has fared better than fellow oligarch Roman Abramovich. Prokhorov will likely face a legal battle over the deposit, which is non-refundable under French law, with the Villa’s seller Lily Safra. “Lily is adamant that she’s not handing the deposit back,” a source close to the deal tells the London Daily Mail. “Mr. Prokhorov, in turn, claims that property prices have collapsed since August, and the figures originally discussed were unreasonable. He wants out, and he wants his money back.” We expect Prokhorov, founder of a new magazine for snobs, will likely issue another denial this time as well.

  39. Kieran says:

    She is that successful and she lives in this Crap Shack? What a joke, i just dont get it.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I think the MLS is on the way out and Redfin is on the way in

    what do you think ?

  41. pch says:

    Hope you’re on the mend, Mama!

    It’s like someone played a drunken game of pin-the-aperture-on-the-facade, then slapped on some modern-looking stucco for good measure. Interiors are better, but I wouldn’t be getting out of the car to find out by how much.

    I share Brooklawn’s suspicion that the garage lacks an interior connection to the house.

    I wouldn’t have noticed the flames if others hadn’t mentioned them — really funny.

  42. brooklawn dr says:

    I have question: Is there an interior stair entry from the garage? or Do you have to schlep your groceries onto the street and walk up the front stoop?

    The realtor calls it “perfection” and yes, it is very nice but NOT 1.4 million. There’s just nothing special about it. No pizazz!!

    Get well Mama, we love you long time.

  43. Anonymous says:

    ok its fixed now, i love you.

  44. Anonymous says:


  45. Anonymous says:

    The worst part is they added those arched windows! They weren’t there before. And the style of the house doesn’t lend to the gray concrete look. Smooth stucco – yes..but should have had a different color.

  46. Yak says:

    With the exception of the rooftop deck, this is one hot concrete-box mess from the outside. Ugleee!
    Don’t care for the stark B&W bathroom but I like the ducks. Nothing wrong with a bit of whimsy even if it’s staged and I kind of like the open galley style kitchen.
    Yes everything is sterile and beige. So what? I’m sure most buyers can see past that. Nothing a few cans of paint and some sweet furniture won’t cure.

  47. luke220 says:

    She should spend a few more $ and change the arched windows to rectangular windows. She’d get her money back- the current windows are awful.

  48. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but Mama has shown us much worse.

    I do love the tree top view out of most of the windows. Ditto the rooftop terrace.

    Get well soon mama !

  49. Viva! says:

    Not a bad house, she should rent it out for a few years, it isn’t as if she can’t afford to keep it, so just rent it out, cover the mortgage (if she’s got one) and then flip it when the market comes back, which, of course, it will.

  50. Anonymous says:

    & Whoever wrote about the flames, I totally missed that, you’re awesome!

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