Hugh Hefner Wants to Unload One Next Door

SELLERS: Hugh and Kimberly Hefner
LOCATION: S. Mapleton Drive, Los Angeles
PRICE: $27,995,000
SIZE: 7,318 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Exquisite 2 Acre Country English Holmby Hills Manor. ADJACENT TO LOS ANGELES COUNTRY CLUB. This magnificent walled estate includes remarkable grounds and privacy. 2 story entry, spacious living room w/ fireplace & beautiful garden vistas, large family room adjoins the dining room & eat-in gourmet kitchen opening to charming outdoor terrace. Enormous motor court. Rolling lawns, mature trees and wonderful private pool area.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Octogenarian playboy Hugh Hefner keeps a few big breasted bunny hunnies up in the Playboy Mansion at all times, including those three not very smart seeming blondies that appeared on that ho-rrific The Girls Next Door reality program and who were recently replaced with a taut bodied set of teen aged twins named Karissa and Kristina and a third gal whose name Your Mama can’t be bothered to figure out. However, despite all his catting around with mammoth mammaried women young enough to be his great-grandchildren, the ladee luvin‘ soft porn pusher actually has a wife. Well, sort of…

Kim Hefner, who was not surprisingly a former Playmate of the Year, married Mister Hefner in 1989 and quickly popped out a couple of Playboy progeny. The couple separated–but did not divorce–in 1999 and the Missus Hefner moved into the property immediately next door to Mister Hefner’s house of ill repute where she has lived with her children and which she recently listed with an impressive asking price of $27,995,000.

Property records show that the once happy Hefners purchased the walled and gated 2.3 acre estate on S. Mapleton Drive in April of 1996. The records we accessed were a bit fuzzy (or maybe is was that Bloody Mary we had this morning), but the always informative Penny Pricegiver whispered in our big greedy ear that the Hefners paid $6,700,000 and, interestingly, financed the whole amount. They bought the estate from the estate of TV Guide heiress turned philanthropist Lita Annenberg Hazen–of the Annenbergs–whose sister Enid married a man named Haupt and famously occupied a spectacular dooplex penthouse apartment at 740 Park Avenue which was sold with multiple bids in late 2006 for a reported twenty seven and a half million clams.

After she went to meet her maker (or whatever), Missus Haupt’s terraced two bedroom aerie was purchased by former CEO of Merrill Lynch John Thain and his wifey Carmen. The Thains have been ravaged recently by the media who quite rightly took Mister Thain to task not only for for spending a jaw dropping $1.22 million smackers of company money to redecorate his private office at Merrill Lynch but also for handing out four billion bucks in bonuses just three days before Merrill Lynch was acquired to Bank of America for $50 billion. Missus Thain, a woman used to living well and spending big, took her lumps in the press when she infamously (and allegedly) asked the sales clerks at Hermès if they could place her purchases in a plain brown shopping bag, presumably so that it would not appear she was conspicuously consuming at a time when her huzband was being raked over the coals for his dirty deeds at Merrill Lynch.

Anyhoo, we digress. Some reports state that Mister and Missus Hefner are selling up the big house because their two sons will soon be off to college and the Holmby Hills sprawler is simply too big for the Missus to occupy all on her lonesome. Other earlier reports not related to the listing of the house indicate that like so many other moguls, Mister Hefner is feeling the financial pinch and has been told by his advisers to cut expenses and lay off employees or face bankruptcy.

Listing information for the house, which backs up the fancy-pants Los Angeles Country Club just like Candy Spelling’s monster mansion down the road, reveals the well proportioned ivy-covered crib measures in at 7,318 square feet and contains 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

The house is approached through electronic gates that open to a stately circular driveway and a massive motor court at the front of the house. Listing information indicates the house includes a two story entrance hall, a large living room with one of the home’s three fireplaces, a library with a second fireplace, a family room that adjoins the dining room and eat in kitchen which all open to the rear terrace and the soccer pitch sized lawn that clearly costs a small fortune to keep as green as a leprechaun’s ass.

As an aside, Your Mama can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen to these leviathan lawns that stretch out in front and back of all the palatial Platinum Triangle mansions once the inevitable water rationing begins. Of course, the very well to do can afford to water their lawns at any cost. However, water rationing means they will be fined up the wazoo if they use more than their allotment and doing so will probably piss off the people doing their part by letting it mellow when its yellow.

Whatever the case, the grounds of Missus Hefner’s home has been lushly landscaped and includes vast expanses of lawn and a large rectangular swimming pool with an old-fashioned diving board that is surrounded by not very appealing brick and concrete terracing. The property does not currently include a tennis court, but there is certainly room for one should the next owner be the racket swinging sort.

The back yard shares a very long lot line with the Playboy Mansion next door. While there’s undoubtedly a certain amount of prurient ingtrigue that comes along with owning the house next door to Mister Hefner’s famous party pad, we can imagine that it could get a little tiresome to listen to Hollywood hornbags like Jeremy Piven woo scantily clad bunny wannabes back to his lair in Malee-boo and we know that on the days Mister Hefner was hosting one of his famously debauched parties, it would require more then one nerve pill for Your Mama to cope with a few dozen bimbos with plastic breasts screaming and hollering the way bimbos with plastic breasts to often scream and holler when they get a few cocktails in them.

It’s an interesting time for the Hefner’s to put this house on the market given that there is a bit of a glut on high priced Platinum Triangle mansions at the moment. However, for all those who have not been wiped out by that beast Bernie Madoff or managed to get out of the market before it lost half it’s value, there are any number of extremely large, lavish and well located estates with owners eager to dump them.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am gay.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am curios about something that was mentioned in this thread. How are party venues aloud in residential neighborhoods? No one explained that when someone mentioned zoning laws. I also assume Hugh Hefner actually makes money from throwing these events now that the economy is taking a slump. Maybe before he wasn’t charging, but, I am sure he is now. That would make the mansion liken to a nightclub correct? Last but not least, how many party venue mansions are they in southern california and how many of them are currently for sale? Could you give me the addresses of them please? Just in case I get rich I will know where to look as long as it won’t be too much of a headache.

  3. Nitin says:

    The girls next door is a good show which woven around three girls & one old man.this is really good show.usually i don’t time to see it,but when i free from my work i usually see it.i watch this show online. its so easy because i just type download the girls next door.its really a good show

  4. Anonymous says:

    everyone knows “gay bodybuilders” are all bottoms.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And yet somehow, nothing Big Dumb Jock wrote sounds true.

  6. juan says:

    And long live all the gay dudes that whacked off to Playboy. I personally preferred Penthouse – the stories were far hotter…

  7. BigDumbJock says:

    Alas, ANON, wrong on so many counts:
    1) the cocky comment regarding ‘catering fees’ is known as rhetorical irony, not that you’d be able to grasp the subtleties; like, as if the Hef could have pissed through a few hundred million clams with costly parties…right …jackass!
    2) I’m a gay bodybuilder on 2 different gay muscle sites ( &; I hit the gym 5-6 days/week, and would venture to say I can bench press the full weight of your scrawny ass without breaking a sweat; or are you a bench warming tub of lard? (370 lbs is my one rep maximum)
    3) am currently seeking an agent for a book, and preparing to enter graduate school–go figure!
    4) BigDumbJock = stereotype, haha, get it?
    5) re: getting near the real thing: I have hot girls hitting on me fairly regularly at the gym (like today, for example) but muscle dudes with raging libidos like mine are way easier on the wallet than the babes. Nowutimsayin?
    Nice try anyhow, Anony-puss.
    And kudos to the other gay dude who sings the praises of Hef. Long live the Hef!

  8. NewYorkQueer says:

    Even as a devoted queer Hef is my hero. Given his revolutionary beginnings in the heart of the 50’s (and I can remember stealing Playboy from the BarB’Q at aged 8,9 and 10), his support of writters and big bossomed women everywhere, there is nothing he can’t be forgiven for now. Remember too that his daughter ran his empire when women were still knocking on the glass ceiling here in Amerika. Go Hef, you are good enough to be Gay.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Now that sounds more like a post from a big dumb jock…except in my humble opinion, anyone who has to label themselves as such on the internet is in reality a scrawny bookish dweeb who is still whacking off to Playboy in absence of being able to get within 25 feet of the real thing.

  10. BigDumbJock says:

    GOLLY gee, anonymous, thank YEW fer the enlightenment! Funny how the ball-free wonders signed in under ANONYMOUS are generally the first to leave bitchy barbs. How are those marbles hangin, A? :D

  11. Anonymous says:

    Big dumb jock (possibly appropriate name given what I have to explain),

    Hefner doesn’t have “hefty” catering fees. The Playboy Mansion is a business. You want to have your bachelor party there? You pay for the catering, the bunnies in attendance, and the use of the space.

    Hefner is the largest stockholder in Playboy – a company that is suffering from the explosion of internet. All publications are suffering, not just newspapers. Think back to your days of playing with yourself to a Playboy…young men today do that in front of a computer screen. It’s kind of better actually, Mom can’t find the magazine under the mattress, and Dad can’t discover you’re whacking off to naked men instead of women.

  12. Kieran says:

    All of hughs homes are so run down! That is undeniable.

  13. BigDumbJock says:

    It’s remarkable to me how many vicious comments are being slung at Hef and his bunnies on here. Granted, maybe it’s time the ol’ boy toned down his act, but people forget what a groundbreaking publication PLAYBOY has been. Over the years, Hef singlehandedly launched the careers of myriad authors whose articles and book excerpts were sandwiched between the cheesecake layouts. And maybe the magazine seems dated now, but it helped along millions of adolescent boys like me in finding and groping (and stroking) their way towards manhood–even if the founder seems stuck in an adolescent fantasy himself. As for “The Girls Next Door”, I thought the show was fun–so sue me. And pick on their ‘fake boobs’ all you want, but underneath it all, they’re still fun girls, and real people. Holly in particular always struck me as being a genuinely sweet person–she certainly was kind and gracious to the pesky papo’s of TMZ and their ilk when they pestered her on the streets about the breakup with Da Man.
    The one thing I don’t get is how Hef could be hurting. In the 70’s his net worth was purportedly in excess of $100 million, and not that long ago, over $300 million. Did all that go up in the smoke of catering fees to feed all the Hollywood freeloaders constantly streaming through the gates to par-tay? Hard to imagine.

  14. Anonymous says:

    3:16 – I’m sure the young rapper who owns a few doors down doesn’t see himself as an “old timer establishment type”. Homlby Hills isn’t just about proximity to the LA Country Club. Granted there is something to be said for owning one of these houses that has a golf course against the property line instead of the neighbor’s shrubs. But it is a desirable neighborhood because the homes are generally secluded and private from the peeping eyes of the tourists and photographers.

  15. Another sign of the [BAD economic] times.

  16. Anonymous says: …

    That is a massive ass you have. Is it because you are American?

    In Russia that size is WRONG. So shot yourself you fucked up American that cause the world problems.

  17. that would be a nice place to own. I wonder how much they’ll end up selling it for.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of the Scottish Highlands, that area is just about as hip as the Scottish Highlands to nouveau riche celebrities of today that could afford to live there like Jay Z. I’m sure he could care less about being close to the LA Country Club. Only old timer establishment types like Hef and Aaron Spelling think that is cool. They are staying away for a reason, most likely, they would rather live in a much hipper area.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Thank you to the posters great research about the finances of Playboy, Inc. being in the tank.
    I’m surprised the company hasn’t thought of turning the mansion into another Graceland, and charging admission. It’s something people would pay to see, as Hef is a Jurassic park relic of a byegone age, the age of sex without consequences, after the advent of birth control, and coming to a screeching halt with the advent of AIDS. I’m sure the residents would hate it though, and I don’t blame them.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Who TF would want to really live in the Scottish Highlands? Incase you’ve never heard, its LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! They aren’t paying the price they are because of the size lot, house or the particular house they pay for the location in LA where people(maybe not you) want to be and live or the prices wouldn’t be where they are.

  21. Anonymous says:

    yeah the scottish highlands would be quite a fucking commute for most of us……………..

  22. Anonymous says:

    That’s fantastic…but what if you don’t want to live in the Scottish Highlands?

  23. Anonymous says:

    One could get about 15,000 breathtaking acres in the scottish Highlands for 1/3rd of this price.

  24. Anonymous says:

    If its in relation to the asking price of this place its gonna be like $50m its twice the size and land. I know that doesn’t make it worth twice as much but to insane sellers they think that way.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Eventually…..the Playboy Mansion will be going on the market…….
    Any guess as to what the asking price will be????

  26. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Playboy is in a total mess.

    Maybe that is why Kristy Hefner left last month as head of Playboy? She gave a lot nicer picture of Playboy growing big in China, India and Europe in the near future.
    Lot of spin to get more money for this company. They died when internet porn came out in the 90s. I bet they would love to see it illegelized.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The finances of the company are a mess. The mansion HE lives in will be sold later in the year.

    I know creditors after his ass and want him to pay before he dies and things drag on longer.

  28. Anonymous says:

    For this price their are much, much better homes out there. I’d much rather have Kurt Rapport’s home.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Btw, Playbook stock traded at 8.45 one year ago. Yesterday it traded at 1.54. With 8 million shares, you can do the math.

  30. Anonymous says:

    The comments here that claim to know so much about Hef’s finances are dreaming if they think the fortunes, or in this case misfortunes, of Playboy don’t impact him. The fact that he has some arrangement where the corporation owns the mansion and he pays rent or whatever is beside the point. If you look at Playboy on Yahoo Finance you will discover that he is the LARGEST inside holder of stock in the company. That would be almost 8,000,000 shares of the stock. Of course, he has some money outside of the company, and it may be a good chunk that will keep him and his family living well for a long time. Most everyone in his position would. There’s a good likelihood that he never owned the mansion, that it was always owned by the corporation. There would be untenable liability issues if he owned it personally and not through a corporate entity.

  31. Anonymous says:

    playboy died when aids came out

  32. Anonymous says:

    How will Hef get a “quick infusion of cash” when there is a glut of lux homes on the market that aren’t selling as it is?

    Sorry, but he is a pathetic man. He can only relate to bimbo’s injected with silicone, young enough to be his great grand children. He never grew up, and he’s in his 80’s.

  33. Anonymous says:

    The “Girls Next Door” was filmed at the actual Playboy Mansion but the bunnies do not *live* in the Mansion. They stay in the house at 333 S. Mapleton which is also owned by Playboy.

    This house was purchased because Kimberly threatened to leave Hefner to be able to raise the kids in a normal environment away from the Mansion. This house was the compromise. They stayed together for another 3-4 years. It was not purchased after the separation.

  34. Viva! says:

    Jesse B is very correct…at one time Hefner’s wealth was completely tied up in Playboy…not anymore. He doesn’t own the Playboy mansion, but he and Kim Hefner, a very nice lady well liked in LA, own the house that’s up for sale.

    It’s likely a mix of Kim wanting to downsize while also getting Hugh a quick infusion of cash.

    I wish them luck in getting their price, they’re both nice people.

  35. Jesse B. says:

    All of the incorrect speculation. The Playboy annual report is telling:

    Hef does not even own the Playboy mansion. He pays a rent and his own expenses — it is ran just like a hotel — every item is tracked and paid for by Hef.

    The “Girls Next Door” did live at the mansion. Their rent was paid for by the GND production company. They were also treated as though it was a hotel, with all expenses paid for by the production company. They were also paid a salary, of course.

    Mr. Hefner does own the home next to the mansion, the one that is currently for sale. He bought this for Mrs. Hefner since they had an amicable split and he wanted his kids growing up right next door.

    The kids are older now and not that far from college. Perhaps she is downsizing?

    While Hugh’s finances were at one time directly intertwined with Playboy’s it is now an entirely separate entity and he has is own wealth that is kept separate.

    The Playboy finances, with it being a publicly traded company, should have nothing to do with his own.

  36. Anonymous says:

    zillow is still as accurate as joe.

    zip. zero. zilch. zillow.

  37. Anonymous says:


    in 2004-2007 zillow would have been wrong but now ?

  38. Anonymous says:

    zillow only has it valued at 5.3 million…. whats up with that?

  39. :{} avg joe says:

    to pay over 1000% in sticker just so you can charge 4000% more in rents is just plain greedy and wrong although wall street at the time said to everyone it was so right…..

    no wonder everyone was rich for a short time……..

  40. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Anonymous 2:10 for your honest answer to my honest question about what type of “neighborhood” this was. I appreciate your answer.

  41. Anonymous says:

    What are you seeing, that i’m not seeing? where exactly is this guy’s ip address showing?

  42. Anonymous says:

    Go play in traffic Joe (yeah – your IP address is showing).

  43. Anonymous says:

    Considering the Dow dropped to 1996 levels. They need to drop this baby down just a little to sell!

    I know being right on the golf course will add a few million, but the price should be priced in the teens to sell in this bad market. I think they would still make a few million on the sale. No need to be SO greedy.

    I guess she wants to cash out big before the RE market and Hugh die.

    Does it come with bunny privileges?

  44. Anonymous says:

    It’s a desert. Look at the less developed areas between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara or even further north up towards Hearst Castle and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the LA basin should look like.

  45. Just a question……….what is the actual geographic norm for the LA region? Is it coastal desert? The lush grounds of this property, complete with New Zealand tree ferns, are really attractive. I have seen in some posts that even landscaping with “native” plants have drip irrigation systems. Having seen “Chinatown”, I know there is a complex history with respect to water rights and irrigation. I am curious to know what a truly natural LA landscape might look like.

  46. Dear Brooklawn; Please keep your seat at Mama’s table. It is funny how people you don’t even know can post things which hurt your feelings…….doesn’t seem like it should happen but it does. I, for one, will look forward to your next comment.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Anon 3:07

    It’s not different the the Esquire House in Beverly Ridge Estates. Just a party venue in a residential neighborhood.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Geeez mama! Digress a bit more… I was ready for you to mention the home of the Thain’s cousin’s next-door neighbor’s nephew’s assistant principal’s daughter’s step-sister. Wow.

  49. Anonymous says:

    anon 2.22: actually “better reading” is anon 2:10 who really has something interesting and substantive to add to the conversation. thanks 2:10. i really don’t understand how playboy has managed to get away with operating that as a party venue in a completely residential neighborhood (much less that particular neighborhood) for all these years. unbelievable. it’s not about who was there first, or that they knew what they were getting into when they moved there. in my opinion, it’s about zoning of which i am sure there is plenty in west la that forbids this kind of operation. playboy managed to have that zoning adjusted, unless it was already set up that way before they acquired the property, which i very much doubt.

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