One of the biggest things holding the iPhone (and iPod Touch, but I'm just saying iPhone from here on in for convenience's sake) back from destroying the Blackberry in entertainment business circles is how difficult it is to type. Those touchscreen keys all jammed together make it nigh impossible to avoid typos, even with the sometimes accurate auto-correction function. Forget about typing a long email. It's simply easier to do on a Blackberry.

That's why one of biggest changes for Hollywood in the iPhone 3.0 software coming this summer is seemingly the smallest: The ability to use "landscape mode" when typing emails, texts, or memos. In other words, you can flip your iPhone on its side and type horizontally.

Why does that make things easier? Well, if you're on a computer now, look at your monitor. It's wider than it is high, right? Now look at your keyboard. The same.

But when you type on the iPhone, it's like turning your computer keyboard 90 degrees to the right and scrunching everything together. Now the keys will be further apart, making it easier to type without accidentally hitting the wrong key. A little change, but for those of us who type a lot on our iPhones, especially if we use it for business purposes, it could make our lives a lot easier. And being able to see what we type in widescreen will also make things easier.

What other changes will iPhone owners be enjoying this summer when software version 3.0 (free for iPhone owners; $10 for the iPod Touch) launches?

-Calendar syncing with Yahoo, Google, and other major online calendars. That's a big boost for those who use one of the major online calendar services and want that information to transfer over to the iPhone. But alas it doesn't yet work with Outlook, which is of course the most common calendar app most of us use in the office.

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