By the time you go to sleep tonight, you will have consumed
34GB on information.Info-consumption

Now that headache makes a little more sense, huh?

A news study from the University of California, San Diego
has translated our day-to-day activities into computer storage terms. At 34GB
per day, that means the average American household consumes 3.6 zettabytes last
year. A zettabyte is a million, million gigabytes.

Put another way, if someone were to print 3.6 zettabytes of
text in books and stacked them as tightly as possible across the U.S.
(including Alaska), the stack would be 7 feet high.

Television was far and away the leader in the study, making
up 44.85 percent of the daily information consumption. Computer data was second
at 26.97 percent.

Radio holds its own, thanks to the daily commute –
contributing 10.59 percent. Recorded music and movies are at the back of the
pack, with 1.11 percent and 0.2 percent respectively.

Other bits and pieces from the report (which is available
for download here) after the break:

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