The Terminator eye and Back to the Future hoverboard becoming reality

Two great futuristic gadgets from 80s movies may finally be arriving.

New Scientist brings word of an LED camera that fits in the eye of filmmaker Rob Spence, who has had a prosthetic since he was a child and is attempting to film what that eye would be seeing. The result is that Spence looks like a self-described “eyeborg” and strongly resembles arguably the most badass movie villain of the ’80s:


Engadget, meanwhile, has the scoop on the closest we’re going to come to the hoverboard from “Back to the Future.” The Scarpar is an off-road “powerboard” that moves with a handheld controllers and can smoothly ride in sand, on snow, or even over logs. As Engadget aptly puts it, this demo video is sick. We’ll all be rolling along like Marty McFly Jr. in no time.

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