Angelina Jolie's Oscar now missing

YENTL” WAS BARBRA STREISAND’S FIRST directorial effort, and a labor of love. She had been determined for many years to make the movie of Issac Bashevis Singer’s short story and play — and she did! The play was a simple thing, the story of a young turn-of-the-century Jewish girl who disguises herself as a boy, to further her education in the Talmud. The movie was something else; a big musical, in which only Barbra sang, though her co-star was Broadway’s formidable Mandy Patinkin. (That’s because all the songs were Yentl’s interior thoughts.)

The new DVD looks deluxe, bordered in gold, with — natch — a beautiful close-up of Barbra on the cover. This is “The 2-disc Director’s Extended Edition.” Here’s what you get: Two versions of the movie … rehearsal footage … deleted scenes (from the private collection of Miss Streisand) … Barbra’s 8mm Concept Film with Optional Narration and a feature-length audio commentary track by Barbra and co-producer Rusty Lemorande. In short, a Barbra cornucopia! As the star’s fans were quick to note at the time, “You gotta be mental not to love ‘Yentl.'”

IT’S A CLICHE THAT PEOPLE PUT THEIR OSCARS in their bathrooms. Ronald Harwood, who won his for “The Pianist,” reminds us: “It’s the one room everyone has to visit sooner or later.” Angelina Jolie, however, doesn’t have her Oscar in the loo because she has no idea where hers may be. She gave it to her mother, who hid it because it was so precious. Then her mother died. “I didn’t actually lose it,” says Angelina. “But nobody knows where it is at the moment.”

PEOPLE ARE FLOCKING TO THE ROUNDABOUT because Mary-Louise Parker is such a big deal, not only for her talent but for her TV fame as the marijuana-dealing mama in “Weeds.” But I have read three critical reviews which seem to revile the director Ian Rickson and in all of them, the men on the aisle, also refer to Mary-Louise’s “Hedda Gabler” as behaving like an “adolescent.” This probably amuses Ms. Parker who is the ripe old age of 45.

LOOKS LIKE THE UBIQUITOUS, SUPER-TALENTED Cate Blanchett (she can play anything!) will take over the Maid Marian role in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood movie titled “Nottingham.” They decided Sienna Miller was too young for their Robin, the somewhat rotund, weighty and contentious Russell Crowe. So, if they have Cate, they have upped their “classy” status considerably and are ready to roll — except for their leading man. Where is Errol Flynn when we need him the most?

ON THURSDAY, LIZA MINNELLI, ALONG Donna Karan and Howard and Cindy Rachofsky will be honored at AmFAR’s NYC gala at Cipriani 42nd Street. They are being recognized for their work in increasing AIDS awareness. Joan Osbourne, of blues, rock and country music fame will perform, along with burgeoning chanteuse Renee Olstead. Her new album “Skylark,” hit the stores late last month.

US AIR PILOT AND HERO CHESLEY SULLENBERGER is on the receiving end of offers that will set him up for life. He earns about $138,000 a year in his job but says, “I will be happy to entertain all the things that are coming my way.” Virgin Airlines has already invited him to become “the best-paid pilot at Virgin. We’ll give him double the salary of anybody else,” says Sir Richard Branson.

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