Helmer Abrams provided range of choices

Paramount’s “Star Trek” reboot was filled with action — though the root of its success can be traced to the fact that audiences identified with and were rooting for a young Kirk and Spock as they grew to take on responsibilities and earn each other’s friendship.

“The arc is each of them working out their own issues individually and their conflict with one another,” says co-editor Mary Jo Markey. “The true satisfaction of the movie is seeing them finally come together.”

She explains that J.J. Abrams directed so as to give the editors a range of choices, for instance with Kirk coming across as a charming rebel or more soul-weary. “We needed to decide on a character with whom an audience would want to take the journey. Giving him a little charm was the way to go.”

Co-editor Maryann Brandon recalls shortening a scene where Kirk runs on the Starship Enterprise deck to warn of danger. “I had to pare it down so he didn’t come off like a jerk. A little tough goes a longer way than a lot of tough.”

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