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The Toronto Film Festival opened on Thursday with an outcry against the fest's City to City program, which spotlights Tel Aviv this year. Some prominent names in the industry — including Harry Belafonte, Jane Fonda, Julie Christie and Viggo Mortensen — are protesting the inclusion in light of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. One filmmaker, John Greyson, withdrew his doc "Covered" in protest, although the group, led by writer Naomi Klein, says that their protest is not a boycott. Their letter is called "The Toronto Declaration — No Celebration of Occupation."

Meanwhile, there is also blowback from others in the entertainment community who support the festival's choice of Tel Aviv.

Jay Z and Obama: Rapper Jay Z talks about the boycotts of President Obama's back-to-school speech. "I don't think it's straight racism, but they're talking to a racist audience, which is dangerous," he told a New York radio station. "But they're doing it for ratings. It's sensationalism, right? They're doing it for this type of attention."

Calling Out Beck: Time's James Poniewozik of Time slams Glenn Beck's 9/12 project and his call for unity, an effort to get the same spirit following 9/11. "So since March, what has Glenn Beck been doing to re-establish that sense of nonpartisan national brotherhood? Calling President Obama a racist, declaring that the government was bringing fascism upon us, asking his fans to dig up dirt on political figures he doesn't like, and predicting civil-war-like uprisings. Because that's how you bring people together."

Conservative writer David Frum chides Beck for his demonization of Cass Sunstein, an Obama appointee to the Office of Management and Budget. "Glenn Beck is not the first to make a pleasant living for himself by reckless defamation. We have seen his kind before in American journalism and American politics, and the good news is that their careers never last long. But the bad news is that while their careers do last, such people do terrible damage."

"The ultimate happy ending of the story should not however close the page on this appalling episode of broadcast recklessness and political cowardice. We conservatives are submitting our movement to some of the most unscrupulous people in American life. This submission disgraces conservatism, discredits Republicans, and damages the country. It’s beyond time for conservatives who know better to join us at NewMajority in emancipating ourselves from leadership by the most stupid, the most cynical, and the most truthless."

Quotable: “Tell me if you’ve heard one that’s this totally crazy. A pregnant woman leaves her home to go overseas to have a child—who there’s not a passport for—so is in cahoots with someone … to smuggle that child, that previously doesn’t exist on a government roll somewhere back into the country and has the amazing foresight to place birth announcements in the Hawaii newspapers? All while this is transpiring in cahoots with those in the border, all so some kid named Barack Obama could run for President 46 and a half years later. You couldn’t sell that to the WB.” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs on Thursday, responding to the continued claims that President Obama was not born in the United States.

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