That, and other news, in today's Roundup and Recap.

If last week's townhall protests proved that Republicans don't know when to stop, the mixed messages coming from healthcare reform supporters prove that the Democrats don't quite know where to start. Jon Stewart riffed on that lack of a coherent message last night, echoing general frustration from the left as it appears some of the guts of the reform plan are in jeopardy.

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Ezra Klein of the Washington Post sums up the liberal revolt very well here.

Novak Dies: Bob Novak, the ubiquitous conservative pundit and columnist, died today after a battle with brain cancer. Although he was the voice from the right on shows like CNN's "Crossfire," Novak wasn't always embraced by Republican politicos, as he worked his sources like any other reporter.

Artist Revealed: The creator of the Obama "Joker" poster is a 20-year-old Chicagoan who supported Dennis Kucinich in the last election. Still a mystery is who added the "socialism" tag.

Getting Away from Glenn: More advertisers, including GMAC Financial Services, WalMart and BestBuy, have pulled their ads from Fox News' "Glenn Beck." The boycott campaign is being organized by the group ColorofChange, which started its effort as the conservative firebrand called President Obama a "racist."

Quotable: "Conservatives can have fun, too. Conservatives can open their collar and put on their dancing shoes. … I'm in it to win it." Tom DeLay, on ABC's "Good Morning America," talking about his appearance on "Dancing with the Stars."

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