Sunday Comments: Clooney, Palin and Schwarzenegger

George Clooney’s trip to the White House — the subject of my Politico column a few days back — generated a host of comments, the most passionate of which wondered why we’re listening to celebrities, anyway.

“Cyy” wrote, “It makes me sick to my stomach to see these celebrity narcissists preening onstage enveloped in a cloud of their own smug self-righteousness.”

“Hi there!” commented, “Always a good idea to take foreign policy advice from people who pretend to be somebody else for a living.”

Clooney’s success at getting a meeting with the president inspired this idea from “Susied,” referring to one of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy gaffes: “Can Clooney speak Russian? Maybe he can help with the reset button lettering!”

But not all comments were critical of the idea of celebrities mixing it up on foreign affairs. David P. Kronmiller writes, “I mean do folks not understand that Clooney and celebrities like him not only draw attention to world issues but also create hundreds of jobs? It’s frustrating.”

Sarah palin
Sarah Palin’s criticism of Ashley Judd, a spokeswoman for Defenders of Wildlife, stirred up a long debate over the aerial hunting of wolves. Judd appeared in a Defenders of Wildlife ad where she attacked the Alaska governor for her support of the practice.

“Synova” commented, “The total number of wolves killed is something like 14. That’s fourteen. How much money did the noble cause spend on those 14 wolves? Is that really the best use of money from those who care about animals?”

“Wnelson” wrote, “Culling the wolf population is done in large part to protect the subsistence lifestyle of Alaska’s Native American population. Something that is ignored by bubble-headed millionaires who couldn’t care less about that traditional lifestyle. Too many people make snap judgments without looking a little deeper at the situation.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s decision not to pursue the Senate provoked this comment from “Mark”: In the long run, Arnie has done a very fine job as governor of California! When his term is up in January 2011, it would be the best time for him to go back to starring in and finally directing his own films…Arnie can still be a force in helping out America and California as he did in the past like 1991 when he was on the presidents council on physical fitness, but still making action films.” Judging by the other comments, there’s a good reason for Schwarzenegger not to pursue the Senate: If he chose to continue to be a Republican, he’d have to go through a primary, and it goes with out saying that he’s not a popular figure among conservatives right now.

And finally, commenter “Lawhawk2002” had this to say about the Federal Reserve’s plans to start showing PSAs in movie theaters:

“Good. Now my dwindling income and related income taxes are going to pay for ads telling people the federal government can help them to avoid the consequences of their own bad decisions by using federal funny money to adjust their mortgages held by banks that are also taking our money. I’ve made plenty of bad decisions. When do I get something? And when will this circular firing-squad finally run out bullets?”

For the record, Federal Reserve officials say the ads will cost $9,000 to run in theaters.

As always, thanks to all for the comments — or at least the ones that I could understand. 

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  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t done what everyone where looking for but he did prove that he can give up if he can’t route the ship the right way.
    Mike @

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