Sarah Palin Rails Against “Goofy” Ashley Judd

Sarah Palin gave a speech recently that is just now getting noticed, where she chides the media for the coverage of last year's campaign and wonders why her own staff wouldn't pray with her before the vice presidential debate.

But she also had criticism for the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, whose celebrity spokesperson, Ashley Judd, led a campaign to halt the practice of aerial wolf hunting.

Per CNN, Palin called on Republicans to "stand up to those goofy Defenders of Wildlife celebrity starlets who don't even know about Alaska."

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  1. Something that is ignored by bubble-headed millionaires who couldn’t care less about that traditional lifestyle.

  2. Tdave says:

    Incredible that Sandy’s comment is still there. If she had made such a comment about a left leaning politician, it would be all over the news, credited as the fault of Glenn right wing “nut cases” and the FBI would have the house surrounded. “Turbo Tax Tim” Geihtner would be attempting to impose a 98% tax before they were ever taken into custody!

  3. Danielle says:

    The fact that VARIETY would allow a threat of assasination against a sitting Governor to remain posted tells you everything you need to know.

  4. malclave says:

    You go, Sarah!
    Liberals’ lies and stupidity in various media outlets have gone unchallenged for too long. And since they can’t resist the urge to attack you, the facts you present have a chance to make it out to people open-minded enough to listen to reason.

  5. Jim says:

    In typical celebutard fashion, Judd flapped her pretty lips before becoming even mildly conversant with the facts. The wolfs aren’t shot from helicopters; hunters on the ground are required to cull the packs, with the choppers serving as spotters. That’s just sensible wildlife management. Would Judd and her pathetic ilk prefer a population imbalance that would cause real harm to the Alaskan ecosystem?

  6. Jake says:

    Well, if we put it to a vote, I would bet that this was a political agenda….NOT a conservation agenda.
    One thing to point out here though is that a caribou will have more than one calf in it’s lifetime, which means that if the yearly survival rate goes up to 29 out of 100 births instead of 1 out of 100 than the popultion of Caribou has a much greater rate of survival. Especially since you now have 28 more caribou per year that are procreating (well at least the ones that are still within breeding age). They will generally give birth (one per year) by the age of 3 and give birth every year after until they are between the ages of 7 to 10. So for every female caribou, there is the possibility of a 7 to one return on her offspring. Not bad really. This could in turn create an ever rising population.

  7. Synova says:

    That’s the caribou herd in a particular place in Alaska that had the 1 out of 100 calves that lived and the wolves in that part of Alaska who preyed on that herd who were culled.
    Just in case it sounded like I was talking about the whole state.
    But again… how much did Defenders of Wildlife spend on the campaign? And were they campaigning against the culling of wolves, or were they using their donations to undertake a political campaign against Sarah Palin for political and not wild-life related purposes?

  8. Synova says:

    The total number of wolves killed is something like 14. That’s fourteen.
    How much money did the noble cause spend on those 14 wolves? Is that really the best use of money from those who care about animals?
    The number of caribou cows that had calves that lived was 1 in 100. With the dead wolves (all 14 of them) the number of calves that make it is up to 29 out of a 100.
    One living calf out of a hundred caribou cows has nothing to do with providing extra caribou for humans to eat. That level of predation means that the caribou herd, with no hunting by humans, is dying. The only possible conclusion is that the Defenders of Wildlife hate caribou, want the herd to die, and then want the wolves to starve to death. Because the Defenders of Wildlife are morons represented by the moron Ashley Judd.
    These are the numbers I find from googling.
    By all means, if my numbers are wrong or outdated, provide the correct numbers.

  9. factchecker says:

    I did some checking on Guidestar on their most recently filed Form 990. Although they reported about 75% program service costs (which, I agree, isn’t too good to start with), the character of their program service costs is misleading. They spent about 1/3 of their program service costs on printing and postage – sounds more like fundraising to me. They spent another 1/3 on salaries and benefits – good benefits, too: the benefits-to-salaries ratio was in excess of 21%. Even better, I totaled the grants they made to support conservation – they came to a measly one percent of program service costs.
    Not too impressive.

  10. Jake says:

    Many areas of Alaska don’t provide a substantial climate for growing produce or grains for food. The wolf hunt is for not only the protection of the Alaskan residents from the growing number of wolves that are becoming more bold and coming into local communities making it dangerous for the human population to move about freely without fear of attack, it is also to keep the wolves from depleting the Caribou population to the point of near extinction. The Caribou is a main food source for the Alaskan population, especially in the far out regions. Remember, it’s Alaska! You can’t just walk into a Super Walmart and buy a steak. These million dollar celebraties need to get a real clue about the real world. And by the way, wolves kill far more caribou than any Alaskan Pipeline has. Why is it that Hollywood and their defenders would rather see humans suffer and die than a predator? Maybe it’s because they can relate to the predator.

  11. dylan says:

    Since they’d let the people of Alaska starve to death (they eat a lot of game), why not feed the whores from Hollywood to the wolves? We could drop them from helicopters to the hungry predators…

  12. Gromit says:

    Wow, the opening comment here sure looks like something that law enforcement authorities may want to check on.

  13. JannyMae says:

    My understanding of this wolf “culling” procedure is that they do not shoot at them from aircraft, but use the aircraft to spot the wolves and transmit their location to hunters on the ground.
    In any case, this program is legal and logical.

  14. Bill B says:

    Take the average urbanite, or Ashley Judd, put them in a wildlife environment and they are out of their element. I remember in Kenya the shock so many people had of seeing a lion pounce on a zebra. “Can’t we all just get along?”
    Or the idiots on along the Denali Highway who, upon seeing a moose with her calf, stop the car, run up and take a picture. The sad thing is that if the moose kills the tourist Fish and Game has to kill the moose.
    Ashley Judd is a bit naive when it comes to wildlife.

  15. wnelson says:

    There’s another level to the shallowness of this discussion — culling the wolf population is done in large part to protect the subsistence lifestyle of Alaska’s Native American population. Something that is ignored by bubble-headed millionaires who couldn’t care less about that traditional lifestyle.
    Too many people make snap judgements without looking a little deeper at the situation.

  16. Jack Wilson says:

    Is there any doubt that liberalism has devolved into an entirely anti-human movement?

  17. alle says:

    Sarah Palin is a capable and committed Leader in Government.
    Defender’s of Wildlife Action Fund is clearly seeking a political agenda that is bound to contradict the intentions of the contributors. I agree that an obvious threat to a human being made by Sandy Clark is irresponsible and suggests this person equates human life with that of a wolf.

  18. Investigate Sandy says:

    Variety, why haven’t you removed “Sandy Clark’s” comment from this page, and referred him/her to the US authorities for investigation? Threatening the life of a Governor and recent US VP candidate isn’t edgy, funny or cute. It’s troubled and deserves legal attention.

  19. ronfromhollywood says:

    hollywood would prefer humans suffering than wolves… a pack of gang mentality vicious wild dogs. though I love wolves, i know exactly what they are. & why humans have gotten rid of them on every continent we live in, and not just white people! no ashley judd would never want to be in a pack of wolves, but sitting in a helicopter with a hunter, i’m sure she’d be just fine.
    this isnt about wolves, this is about shutting down a married woman, a christian, a hard working happy person who loves America & knows native Indians, muslims, african are just as genocidal & enslavers as white people, some even more. seeing how 2 of the 4 peoples mentioned still enslave today… LEGALLY that is.
    its about SHUTTING DOWN a woman in the Conservative movement.

  20. TonyFoffoni says:

    >>Defenders of Wildlife spends 90% of their money on fund raising and bloated salaries. It’s nothing more than a feel good Ponzi scheme.
    Wrong! About 75% of their operating budget goes to program expenses, with the rest going to fundraising and admin costs. Not great, but not terrible, by any means. Get your facts straight.

  21. I acutally care about humans says:

    Really? You care more about a predator that would attack your children than you do about maintaining a viable source of food for the native Alaskans that hunt deer and elk as their primary food source? I think this is a little backwards.

  22. koomo says:

    Shooting overpopulated wolves from aircraft is better than the alternatives…slower deaths via poisons or trapping.
    Of course, the main reason some people find such predator reductions so deplorable is because someone might enjoy doing it.

  23. steaklover says:

    The wolf hunting is to cut down on the predation of elk and moose and deer. Defenders of Wildlife spends 90% of their money on fund raising and bloated salaries. It’s nothing more than a feel good Ponzi scheme.

  24. Sandy Yourstupid says:

    Well than I guess you can’t really be surprised when the lights go out Sandy!

  25. kat says:

    Defenders of Wildlife is a legitimate organization doing good work, not a fringe group. Shooting wolves from planes–now that’s goofy.

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