Former Sen. Bob Kerrey shared a story with National Journal this morning about how Edgar Bronfman Jr., Jack Valenti and Lew Wasserman were trying to reach Ted Kennedy, but he wouldn't return their calls. Kerrey asked Kennedy what was up.

"Oh," he said, "they just about a year earlier negotiated an international treaty on intellectual property, and we were writing the enabling legislation in the Judiciary Committee," of which he was a member. It was ready to be conferenced and sent to the House and Senate for final passage.

"Kennedy said, "I ran into a guy the other night and he wrote [the movie] Casablanca." He tells me these guys are screwing him in this treaty. So, he said, "I wrote it down on a piece of paper and I took it down to my staff the other day and I had them prepare a little amendment. I walked over to Strom Thurmond and said, Strom would you help me out with this thing? And he accepted the amendment."

"So after all this stuff, Kennedy went to bat for some guy who was getting the shaft. One guy getting the shaft and he would go to the wall for you. Everybody knew it, by the way. Everybody knew that you couldn't buy him."

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