I'll have our weekly Variety story on this later in the afternoon, but Color of Change, the org which is leading the boycott against Glenn Beck's Fox News show, says 10 more sponsors have said they will no longer show ads in the program.

The org says Applebee’s, Bank of America, Bell & Howell, DirecTv, General Mills, Kraft, Regions Financial Corporation, SAM (Store and Move), Travelers Insurance and Vonage have told them they will not advertise during his show.

Some advertisers have said that their buys were part of a package rotated throughout the Fox lineup, or that they spots were shown in the show by mistake. Bell & Howell exec Hank D’Ambrosio told a rep for Color of Change, “As I said to you in our conversation and reiterated in my conversation with our distributor, in our 102 year history, Bell and Howell has never been involved in politics or in anything that could be construed as discriminatory in any way and never will.”

The caliber of sponsor was apparent on Beck's show on Thursday, heaving in direct response ads. A Rosland Capital spot, in which spokesman G. Gordon Liddy pitches the merits of buying gold, ran three times.

But the boycott may also have the dual effect of helping to boost Beck's viewership. His shows this week have been some of the most watched of the year, as Sarah Palin has urged her supporters to tune in and Rush Limbaugh appeared on the show to warn against efforts to silence them.

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