Prop8_boies The passage of Proposition 8 last year has led to many different groups pursuing a new course in securing same-sex marriage in California and elsewhere. But the boldest among them may be that being led by a group of entertainment industry activists, who have enlisted David Boies and Ted Olson to pursue a challenge in federal court. Their move has been the source of some friction. Next week, a federal judge will hold a hearing on how the case should proceed, and whether some legal groups that have long been pursuing gay rights cases should have a leadership stake in the case as well.

That's the subject of my latest story in the print version of Variety, which hits the newsstands on Sunday, but it is now online here.

Also, as debate continues on whether to go for a 2010 initiative or 2012, Karen Ocamb talks to Obama campaign organizer Steve Hildebrand about his push to go sooner and Patrick McDonald of the LA Weekly examines Equality California's decision to go for it later.

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