That, and other news, in today's Roundup and Recap.

Some 7.2 million viewers tuned in to President Obama's appearance on "Late Show with David Letterman" on Monday night, more than watched "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" or even "The Jay Leno Show" in primetime.

Is Obama overexposed?: Yesterday's NBC/WSJ poll posed the question: "When it comes to doing his job as president, do you feel that you see and hear President Obama too much, about the right amount, or too little?" The results: Too much 34%. About the right amount 54%. Too little 9%. Not sure 3%.

Politico's Roger Simon offers contrary view to the wisdom that Obama's being overexposed:

"He is suited for what he is selling. He is an activist selling an activist agenda and an activist government. And it takes an activist public schedule to do that.

"It can be a roller coaster. It does not always go as planned. It can get interrupted by beer summits and guys shouting, “You lie!” But, at least so far, it always gets back on track, and the ride goes on. "

No to "Yes": A publicity stunt to promote "Yes Men Save the World," which opens on Oct. 7, wasn't too pleasing to the New York Post. The makers of the movie created a fake newspaper on Monday, warning of the lcimate crisis, and distributed 1 million copies, but the real Post was not so flattered. The movie was shown on HBO during the summer.

DeLay's Day: A re-energized Republican right? Tom DeLay is not buying it.

Video Views: Will Ferrell's Funny or Die video riffing on the health insurance industry has registered more than 1.7 million views in the 24 hours since its posting. Bloggers at National Review, however, question the idea of Hollywood's highest paid actor spoofing highly paid healthcare execs.

More on NEA: Rep. Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming) writes letter to Rocco Landesman asking for explanation of disputed conference call and whether it violated federal law.

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