Tucker Carlson calls Tom DeLay's plans to go on "Dancing with the Stars" "bizarre."

But the former House Majority Leader, who is still under indictment, is a big fan of the show.

Politico reports: "So how exactly did it happen? The show’s executive producer, Conrad Green, says they were looking for a politician — one who wasn’t currently in office so that he or she would have the time to commit to the project.

"So, naturally, they asked Tom DeLay.

"“It had to be someone who everybody knows. We just took a ‘Hail Mary,’ basically. And he said yes in about 10 minutes.”

"It turned out that DeLay enjoys dancing with his wife, and watches the show “avidly,” Green said."

As it turns out, DeLay had been a follower of one contestant, country singer Sara Evans, and even wrote a letter to friends urging them to support her over "ultra liberal talk show host Jerry Springer."

Rumors had surfaced about a year ago that the show was pursuing another notorious Republican: Dan Quayle.

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