That, and other news, in today's Roundup and Recap.

You can run for Senate, think you have won, and still not get seated. Or you can get appointed, think you are the worthy one, and be denied admittance to the chamber. Or you can run for a Senate appointment, think you will be the one, and wait and wait and wait.

Chris Matthews appears to be leaning against going through the entire exercise altogether.Politico, via Politicker, reports that the MSNBC host appears to be leaning against a bid. His brother, Jim, tells Politicker, "There's no hint of him running for office."

There already was speculation before the holidays that Matthews would not run, as word surfaced of negotiations for a new contract at the cabler. Even if he secured (or secures) the Democratic nomination, he would face a tough battle against incumbent Arlen Specter.

Coulter's Comment: Ann Coulter promoted her new book on CBS's "The Early Show," and she played to the hilt being dropped by rival "Today." But milking a snub only lasts so long, especially when you have a book to promote. She now says that she will appear on "Today" on Wednesday.

Today's Top Read: Benjamin Sarlin writes in The Daily Beast why Al Franken is "just the kind of Democratic pariah the GOP has been waiting for."

"Even while on the campaign trail, where Franken tried to project a senatorial gravitas, he found time to hit the right where it hurt. Politico reported that he was behind one of the most brutal Saturday Night Live sketches of the election, in which John McCain approves a series of increasingly horrifying attack ads against Obama ("Barack Obama has fathered two black children…in wedlock").

"If Obama's strategy is to dial back the blue/red civil war to a detente, Franken's is to escalate it to World War III. Now Franken is poised to become that rare politician whose very existence is a wedge issue to be exploited."

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