Soda ad disguised as 'SNL' skit

Live from New York, it’s … a Pepsi commercial disguised as a “Saturday Night Live” skit.

Regular “SNL” viewers are familiar with “MacGruber,” the “MacGyver” parody starring Will Forte as a gadget-loving hero whose bomb-defusing attempts always end with an explosion.

On Saturday, “MacGruber” was back –but the skit, which guest starred original “MacGyver” star Richard Dean Anderson,  showed up in the middle of several commercial breaks.

By the second spot (which took on the exact same form as past, actual “MacGruber” appearances), it was clear why: The sketches were actually ads for Pepsi.

“You are such a sell-out,” Anderson admonished “MacGruber,” who by the second spot was chugging the soda and asking the original “MacGyver” to call him “Pepsuber.” 

The “MacGruber” Pepsi spots may be the most cunning use of TiVo-proofing yet. Viewers fast-forwarding through commercials would have stopped and watched, under the assumption the break was over.

Further blurring the line between commercial and “SNL” sketch: NBC”s website now includes video of the “MacGruber” Pepsi gags along side clips from this Saturday’s other “SNL” sketches. NBC has even attached commercials in front of the “MacGruber” Pepsi spots — essentially asking web users to view a commercial in order to watch another commercial.

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