Bravo’s “Top Chef” is going into its finale with the final four chefs set. Frankly, we couldn’t muster up the energy to blog about the whole season but I think it’s time we weighed in.

FinalfourKathy: Phil, is Lisa the most unpleasant contestant ever on the show? Her folded arms, grumpy, sour face and inability to take criticism are so off-putting I’ve been rooting for her to get booted for weeks now.

Phil: Weeks? How about months? It seemed like there were so many opportunities for her to get the boot — why she stayed and Dale left is beyond me — and this past week was no different. OK, so Spike makes a bad decision and uses frozen scallops as the centerpiece of a dish, but she created a dish that sounded so unappetizing — peanut butter mashed potatoes — that no right-thinking steakhouse diner would order it. Antonia had the right idea: Go basic. Lisa, according to the judges, had flaws in her technique; Spike did everything he could to salvage the scallops. He could have possibly saved himself by using them as an accent rather than the key ingredient. 

Kathy: Peanut butter mashed potatoes. Ugh.

Kathy: So who’s your favorite? I’ve loved Stephanie from the start and Richard has grown on me but if I were to be served a meal from just one contestant, I’d choose Antonia. There’s something about her comfort food approach I find appealing.

Phil: Antonia has long been my favorite on a number of levels and it seems like a lot of tasks play to her strengths — cooking for kids, for example. If I had to choose a person who would be cooking me dinner every night when I got home, it would be Antonia. If I wanted a place to go every Saturday for a year for a weekly nice meal, it would be Stephanie. For those annual big occasions, I have a feeling that Richard has some things up his sleeve that would make those events really special. Lisa can handle take-out when you’re exhausted on a Thursday night.

— Kathy Lyford and Phil Gallo

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