This and that: CBS Par parties like its 1976; morsels on “Moonlight,” “Gong Show” and Gordon Ramsay

Swingtown_2Lots of TV-centric goings-on around town in the next few weeks. CBS Paramount Network TV gets into the swing of summer with a “block party” on the CBS Radford lot on Tuesday night to herald the June 5 debut of CBS drama Swingtown,” about fun-loving, Quaalude-downing, partner-swapping couples in the summer of ’76. It’s so nice to see “Swingtown” costar Molly Parker all cleaned up and dusted off from her “Deadwood” days…

…Speaking of CBS dramas, a clutch of “Moonlight” fans are descending on L.A. this weekend for what’s billed as the first fan-generated confab on the show, “MoonlightCon,” at the Westin hotel out by LAX. Moonlightcon Undoubtedly these folks will cook up some stunt to draw attention to their cries for another network to pick up their fave rave, which CBS dropped last week. (That’s the hint in an email message today from a “devoted Moonlight fan” who promised me that “the fat lady ain’t sung yet!”) It doesn’t appear that their immortal, series star Alex O’Loughlin, is skedded to stop by, but they will be taking a “Moonlight”-centric tour of the Warner Bros. lot on Friday…

…Some of those “Moonlight” fanatics might want to hop a bus to Culver City on Saturday morning, where Sony Pictures TV is holding open auditions for its revival of The Gong Show for Comedy Central. The cattle call will be held at a site near (but not on) the Sony Pictures lot on West Washington Boulevard. Click here for the specifics…

Gordonramsay …Finally, the upcoming event we’re most excited about is the June 4 party to celebrate the opening of Gordon Ramsay’s new eatery at the London West Hollywood. The restaurant’s moniker is already a mouthful: Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood. Ramsay’s “Hell’s Kitchen” is having a nice hot run behind “American Idol” on Tuesdays in the last lap of the 2007-08 season. He ought to be in a good mood, and for once he won’t be able to yell at anyone (but himself) about the food.

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  1. Ms. Littleton,
    I thought I would just pass on a bit of of news about this Moonlight fan. I am 80 years old, editor of an internet magazine about cinema in the golden age and some of the up-and-comers of today. I would be in Los Angeles if I could but work and family matters keep me at home. I have been around longer than CBS (believe it) and I have longed for a television show that is creative, well-written and done with actors of exceptional talent. Moonlight is the one I have been waiting for..have you seen it? If you haven’t, try may find that you like it. I hear it can be found on several sites as well as I would like to see it get another season..and there are 8 million more out there just like me.

  2. Michelle says:

    I think the comments of hatred the Moonlight fans are posting here as well as on their message boards just proves Cynthia’s point: they are, apparently, a bunch of fanatical and incited individuals who would blast and flame anyone who disagrees with them, and who would harass hundreds of innocent employees of CBS, the WB, NBC and other networks. They would not shy away from flooding every single comments section on TV related websites, and would easily resort to name-calling and swearing in their despair.
    What a wonderful PR campaign (of terror) to a show they claim to love and wish to “save”.

  3. Karen says:

    I am one of the Moonlight fans that has never written to a show, actor before, nor used the internet much. I have learned to post messages so I can express my opinion about what shows and actors/actresses I like for once. I agree that it is past time to count the true popularity of shows, and in this age of high technology I don’t think I’d be all that difficult. This goes hand in hand with the reforms urged to let consumers choose which networks they subscribe to on cable or satellite, the reforms the cable/satellity lobbies don’t want — not because it’s impossible. Therefore, since I finally found a show on a broadcast network that I really like I want MY OPINION TO COUNT! The networks and other ruling organizations need to realize the time has come to do as the people wish. I am far from a crazy fanatic, I’m just a person who has fallen in love with the Mick/Beth vampire/human love story, and the fun action, mystery that goes along with it. I was not able to go to the Con, but I FULLY SUPPORT IT!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I am also not a fan or network TV, but MOONLIGHT won me over. I am a 57 year old female and not what I would term a “fangirl”. Thanks for mentioning MOONLIGHT and the Con this week, but please consider that the fans of this show are all ages, all backgrounds and most of us are not fanatics who are likely to pull some sort of publicity stunt. The Con was set up long ago for us to meet one another. If any cast or crew member appears, great – but if not, we still get to share our love of this wonderful, fun show!

  5. Tami Graham says:

    Greetings, thanks for mentioning the Moonlight con schedule this weekend. One thing I have noticed in the media, is a misconception that the Moonlight fans are the everyday seen it before fan base. We are not.
    This show has brought more people out who never posted to a blog, emailed or called for a show. It has some people trying the internet for the first time joining the cause to keep a show that has entertained them.
    Moonlight won its demographic and time slot every week. It won the people choice award. The same number of viewers came back after the writer strike while many other shows lost ground.
    Most of us are not Nielsen households, we were not counted even though we watched it on TV, online, and purchased the episodes via and Itunes. It is no longer acceptable in today’s high tech society that a few industry chosen people get to decide who is watching what.
    I am a 39 yr old mom of 3, with a Master’s Degree, who purchases the goods sold by network advertisers. I deserve to be counted.
    Thank you.

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