And so it ends, and the finality of it saddens me deeply.

Not only did the fifth season of "The Wire" conclude Sunday night, but now the series is over too. Mort. Done. Finito. After 60 brilliantly written and acted episodes, I find myself with an incredibly empty feeling, not knowing if anything so good will come our way on television ever again.Jim_truefrost_1_ps_2

I’ve now watched the 95-minute episode "30" (meaning end of story in journalistic circles) twice, trying to absorb everything creator David Simon and episode co-writer Ed Burns and director Clark Johnson wanted to say about Simon’s Baltimore — its cops, politicians, drug pushers, lawyers and everyone else who makes the city an ever-changing and, quite depressing, living organism.

The finale lived up to all expectations, certainly one of the best closing episodes of any show ever. Loose ends were wrapped — at least most of them anyway — and McNulty and Lester took the fall for their ill-fated serial killer chicanery. Not with jail time, but an end to their lives as cops. And they should consider themselves lucky that’s all they got.

So many great scenes here and countless memorable lines that keep running around in my head. Lets get to them, while wondering if the city is going to have enough money to pay for the TV that Carcetti broke in his office:

(Note: Photos attached here don’t necessarily have anything to do with the final episode, or even this season, but are just some pieces of art that pay tribute to the actors on "The Wire.")

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