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Crix got an advance look at the upcoming Cartoon Network skein “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and while this wasn’t your typical “Star Wars” crowd that would jam a multiplex on an opening night, the reaction to the episode was a solid thumbs up.

I’ll put it right out there that the entire “Star Wars” franchise has never been my thing and I don’t share in the fanaticism of others, but upon viewing it would be hard to argue that the fan base won’t tune in.

Cartoon has yet to set a premiere date, but 22 episodes will launch in the fall.

So what takes place in the episode? Well, Gen. Yoda is wielding his light saber like a seasoned pro against the army of Asajj Ventress. And when he’s not deflecting bullets, he’s using his powers — aka the Force — to defeat the bad guys. Want more? Here’s Brian Lowry’s full review.

Star_wars_the_clone_wars_1Supervising director David Filoni (pictured below) talked about using what’s already been learned in the six films and bringing that to television.

“We know Yoda is powerful, but how is that developed? How does he use it? We can go into more detail you couldn’t do in the live-action films, which are focused on Anakin,” he said. “Here the Clones have more personalities and it’s important to get that point across to audiences and kids.”

One character featured in the episode not seen on the bigscreen is Ventress, a disciple of Count Duku, who cuts quite an animated figure.

“He’s training her to be on the dark side and she’s getting more powerful,” Filoni explained. “We want to Davidfiloni make her deceptive and sexual. She’s a forbidden fruit walking among the Jedi. She’s sensuous, like a serpent.”

Filoni says he doesn’t see the “Star Wars” mythology ending anytime soon, with children absorbing the phenomenon from their parents.

“Every time I go to Toys R Us, kids are picking up light sabers and wanting to go to a galaxy far, far away,” he said. “I hope those fans watch this and listen to Yoda.”

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