“Moonlight” fans: Devoted, grateful and worthy of a little respect

Moonlight” devotee Barbara Hamlin of Jacksonville, Fla., was among those who headed to L.A. this pastMoonlightcon  weekend to attend the MoonlightCon 2008 at the Westin Hotel near LAX. Part of the “Moonlight”-mania included a trip to the Warner Bros. lot to see the hallowed ground where the now-canceled show was shot.

Update: Hamlin reports the MoonlightCon’s auction of “Moonlight”-ana items raised $6500 for the Los Angeles Food Bank. Confab also held a blood drive, appropriately enough, that yielded 50 pints of donations to the American Red Cross.

Variety and this blog have been a bit snarky in poking fun at “Moonlight’s” die-hards with a “get a life” tone. But we should never scoff at the kind of passion that smallscreen skeins can generate. Without that kind of fandemonium and earnest appreciation for the medium (which are two different things, admittedly), the TV biz would be bereft indeed, not much different than any other assembly-line product.

Hamlin sent along this appreciation for the kindness shown to her and other fans by the “Moonlight” crew during their bittersweet tour of the show’s set, shortly before the bell tolled for good. The crew members appeared to appreciate the importance of showing a little respect to those who took the time to appreciate their handicraft.

The fans of Moonlight gathered in Los Angeles and had scheduled a Warner Bros tour for Friday, May 23rd. This event was scheduled well ahead of “Vampire Down,” May 14th, the Wednesday when CBS officially canceled Moonlight.

Even when the fans were told by one of the members of Moonlight’s crew that they were instructed to dismantle the set Tuesday, May 20th, they still wanted to go to Warner Bros to at least get a glimpse of the building Moonlight was filmed.

The Moonlight crew knew of the fans arrival date…and here’s the REALLY COOL PART…they did start dismantling the set; however, they waited until that Friday before they began to dismantle Mick St. John’s apartment (glossed by the fans as the Fortress of Style) and Beth Turner’s apartment.

To say shrieks of delight and thunderous applause of appreciation ensued would be an understatement. The Moonlight crew even went so far as to give fans various props as keepsakes of their time on the soundstage of Moonlight.

For their graciousness and generosity of spirit to make an extra effort to help fans of Moonlight have a wonderful experience that they will long remember, WELL DONE and BRAVO!!!

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  3. sfsfsa says:

    wow ppl dnt lk u lol haha serves u right put it back on freaks

  4. .......... says:

    hey u need 2 make more of moonlight i cant beleive u guys i so hope u read these so u cant feel like the horrible person u r u beta have a good reason 4 cancellin it i hope ur hated

  5. bob says:

    how dumb are u do u want ppl 2 hate u put it back on t.v big fat loooooooooooooooosssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. shelly says:

    how could u be so stuiped u reined my life u jerks

  7. BeverlyJ says:

    Moonlight is my favorite show! It made/makes for a most enjoyable Friday night lineup – with Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs. I’m a bit remiss in hearing about the cancellation, but I am just heartsick about it. I subscribed to the series, after only seeing an episode or two, with the Unbox video player at Amazon.com. I watch the episodes over and over. The whole cast is wonderful – and the chemistry between Alex/Mick and Sophia/Beth is simply fantastic! Bite me, please…(I’m leaving the comments present tense – I’m thinking positively.) I’m a working female, 50-something, mother, grandmother. AND I just found out I’m to lose my job in two weeks – and I tell you I’m MUCH more upset about Moonlight disappearing than my job!! I am sick to death of reality shows, paid infomercials, and losing other favorite shows. I also do not want to watch reruns of old TV shows. Moonlight is clever, compelling and leaves you wanting more. I especially liked the new twists about being a vampire – somehow that made it more real and plausible. Romance, mystery, intrigue – I could go on and on. Surely there is someone, some network that realizes what a gem Moonlight is. Canceling the show is a HUGE HUGE mistake.
    Moonlight Con 2008 sounds like it was bittersweet and wonderful; the opportunity to be with other fans,delightful. To see the sets and talk to the writers/crew, awesome. How sad though, to read about the dismantling of the sets. The show has so many fans; please count me as one.

  8. Mona says:

    CBS lost a faithful viewer of there Network. I used to watch mostly CBS , now I switch to other stations and I will contnue even in the Fall. Swingtown, how dare you put that trash on. Maybe if you put it on back in the 80″s, I think you are 20 years too late.
    Bring Moonlight Back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ashley127 says:

    Moonlight is the best show ever. I have been voting for moonlight and trying to find a home along one of these networks! My birthday is next week and I am going to be 19 years old! My birthday wish is that all the Moonlight fans to Moonlight rangers have their dream come true! And that is to bring Moonlight back on CBS or find an other home for this terrific show! Oh all Moonlight fans go to http://www.heynielsen.com and vote for this wonderful show!

  10. Dawn says:

    I just found out it was cancelled (I guess I have been living under a rock). I’m really stunned. It was a well received show. I truly think that many shows were killed by the writers strike. This show, however was one I simply didn’t worry about. I just KNEW it had the support of the viewers.
    I think that any network which picks it up is lucky and with the right promotion will reep the rewards. It was interesting, sexy and fun.
    Now that CBS has dumped this (and other shows) I’m down to only watching CSI on this channel. SAD.
    Also, a note to TV execs. Intelligent Americans are OVER the Reality TV fad.

  11. bunchesofun says:

    I was not able to attend the con for which I will forever regret. I have never followed a show like I have Moonlight. I have never become active over a shows cancellation. This was a first. But now I am spending most of my time writing endless letters trying to help find Moonlight a new network home. One that will hopefully appreciate what a gem it has.

  12. Terry says:

    Thanks for the article. I did not attend the event in LA, but am a fan fighting to save this show. I am one of those who has never even written to TV or radio or a newspaper, but this show brought so much enjoyment to me and my family I had to find a way to try. Finding other fans from all walks of life who feel the same way has been inspiring. It seems to be too easy for the entertainment industry to just brush off the very people who support them. For your respectful coverage of our fight, I thank you.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for for this article! I’m am one of the fans who trekked to LA for the con. This article captured the spirit of the con. Thank you!

  14. Leigh says:

    I did not attend the Con but I’ve been watching Moonlight since the first episode and I’ve been online the past few months at some fan sites. I just wanted to write to thank you for your kind article. You know the entire industry really is dependent upon fans whether they’re fans of TV shows, fans of movies or fans of actors. There wouldn’t be an A-list if none of us followed the careers of various actors, if we really just didn’t care who starred in what. The networks like CBS work very hard to entice us to watch their new shows, they want us to get hooked and to keep tuning in, but when they decide enough of us aren’t watching, then they want us to vanish overnight, to instantly detach ourselves from these shows whether it is Moonlight or something else. They can’t have it both ways. I have not truly been hooked on a show the way I’ve been with Moonlight — because it is different, fun, romantic, witty, nice detective stories, a bit of the paranormal, excellent acting, etc. — in about a decade. I gave up on network TV. Against my better judgment I tuned into CBS to see Moonlight [I like the genre], because from the start I didn’t see how the show would get the big rating numbers CBS was accustomed to. Last fall, CBS was seemingly delighted with the show pulling in 7.6 million viewers and even ordered 4 more scripts: these last 4 episodes. January Moonligh was getting 8.3 and 8.1 for episodes 11 and 12. Then suddenly that wasn’t good enough anymore although #13 came in on April 25 and #14 the next week with 7.9 million while other networks shows were dropping significantly in the ratings. So, the point isn’t low ratings — you don’t get huge numbers for this kind of show and CBS knew that from the start. The point is CBS changed its mind even though we didn’t even get a 22 episode first season. CBS now wants its customers who it begged to watch only a month ago to now simply vanish. I know I won’t be the only one who simply will now not bother trying out any more new freshman TV shows. Why should I? They usually just cancel the innovative, fun one I like before the first season’s over. Henceforth, I’ll wait until they make it to the 2nd or 3rd season then rent them on DVD. Again, thanks for the kind post and know that Moonlight has a huge international audience, too. 5000 fans in Brazil just wrote one fan site asking how they could help bring the show to a different network. You would think someone would want that. You would think wrong if you’re in Hollywood.

  15. Lisa says:

    I think it’s sad that just because you love a show and are willing to do something to save it you’re written off as a nut! Moonlight for me was and escape for an hour from everything else going on in my life. I don’t bother to watch alot of tv but just happened to tune in to the 1st ep of Moonlight and was hooked. Like many others I’ve never bothered to do anything like this but felt compelled on this occasion. Being in Australia, I definetly feel like the international fans are not being taken into consideration when the audience is being counted. Let Moonlight shine!

  16. Mona says:

    I am also a professional women over the age of 48 years old, have been watching Moonlight since the first episode. I am completely discussed of CBS decision to cancel Moonlight. I to have sent e-mails to the requested networks and sponsor’s hopeing all our hard work will come to an end with Moonlight on the Fall line up. Our fan base is loyal and commited and we are not giving up. So if there a network that would like to have an additional 10,000,000 viewers please contact Warner Brothers .

  17. bgcfitness says:

    I am also a professional 50 yr old mother. I have never gone on the internet to find out about a show, never posted a blog or written a fan letter – until now. I think the deep appreciation many of us have for the show is that it is so well done. Quality TV is non-existent today. We are not about to give up a hugely entertaining show like Moonlight in exchange for the drivel that CBS thinks will sell. We are actively lobbying other networks to recognize how unique and worthwhile this show is; Prospective networks/sponsors should also consider that my demographic has more time and money to spend on their products and services. Many thanks respecting those of us who love Moonlight.

  18. Allegrita C. says:

    It’s nice to see the tone in Variety change a little regarding Moonlight fans. Cynthia, we’re not typical squeeing fangirls. As you can see from other comments, many of us are completely new to the concept of fandom. In my experience, Moonlight fans are well educated, intelligent, responsible people. What is it about this show that inspires so much creativity, generosity, and fervor?
    I’ve got to say, I find it annoying when people try to classify Moonlight fans as simply gaga over Alex O’Loughlin’s beauty. Hollywood is full of pretty faces. CBS did itself, Alex, and us a huge disservice by trying to sell Moonlight with Alex’s body. The show is SO much more than skin deep–and Alex is deserving of respect for his deep talent, hard work, and dedication. The cast, crew, writers, and other folks of Moonlight are incredible people who created a deep, multifaceted show. Kudos to all of them, and to Moonlight fans. We’re not going away–and we will find Moonlight a new home.

  19. Ana says:

    Finally an article that shows some respect for the fans :). I am a Brazilian fan of MOONLIGHT, married, mother of 2 and surely I don´t fit in the “crazy fan” category. I have been following the fight of our American colleagues for having the show back and I have to say: these people definitely rule! Due to distance problems, we(Brazilian fans) have been helping them the best way possible. Keep going ladies!
    CBS: your loss! MOONLIGHT is a WORLDWIDE phenomenon and just YOU couldn´t see it.
    MOONLIGHT Brasil(5460 members and growing)
    Ana – São Paulo, Brasil

  20. Linda M says:

    I have to add my thanks to the crew who gave us a chance to see the sets and to those who gave up their time to come to our Con to speak to us. I live in the Appalachian Mountains of WV but I also spent my career as a combat systems analyst for the Navy. I don’t think that’s a typical fan profile either. In fact, I’ve never done anything like this before. I came home with swollen feet, a sore back, and rainwater up my nose and in my ears. But participating in the Moonlight experience was PRICELESS and I’d do it again in a human heartbeat. Thank you for your nice comments recognizing how special this Moonlight phenomenon is.

  21. MJ says:

    I am a Canadian fan, and I would have liked to go at the MoonlightCon but it was not possible. I am grateful that some of the fans could have a look at the appartments. It must have been amazing to visit them!!
    Thank you for the nice comments, we want our Moonlight back!!
    MJ from Montreal, Canada

  22. Sherri says:

    Thank you for the write up. As a fan of Moonlight who is not a potential gong show contestant, I appreciate the change in tone.
    It was amazing of the crew to keep us informed and to keep up the most important parts of the sets in order for the tour groups to get to see them. The crew, the writers, the actors on this show have been wonderful with fans, and we greatly appreciate it!!! They know their show, and they understand why we love it so much!

  23. Amy V. says:

    Ms. Littleton:
    Yes, the Moonlight crew is a class act, as are the actors, writers, producers, directors and any one else associated with Moonlight. It was my honor and my privilege to attend the Moonlight Con Memorial Day weekend. And the absolute highlight of the weekend was going on the WB Tour and being able to see and touch our beloved Fortress of Style (Mick’s apartment) and Beth’s apartment. My everlasting thanks go to the crew who delayed the dismantling of these sets so we could experience them for ourselves.
    But please don’t put a stake into the show just yet. Efforts are underway for another network to pick up Moonlight. There are 8 million fans with lots of disposable income who would love to see our beloved show continue. As you know we put a full page ad in Variety on May 22 and a full page ad in The Hollywood Reporter on May 21 and those did not come cheap. Plus we have additional plans to continue to support the pickup of Moonlight. There will be lots more to come. So stay tuned and see what develops.

  24. maryp says:

    Thanks for a “non-snarky” post. I too am one of the over 170 people who attended the MoonlightCon08. I traveled from North Carolina. I’m a college educated mother of 3. And I’ll admit that I’m a bit over the 18-49 demo. While I’m a huge fan of “Moonlight”, the Con was so much more than a group of crazed fans getting together to worship a TV show. Over the last 8 months we have all formed many very close friendships at various “Moonlight” fan sites. When people visit a fan site because of a common interest, you often find many other interests that you share. Very close bonds are formed when you share all aspects of your life on a daily basis with these people. The MAIN reason that many of us went to the Con was to meet in person these wonderful people! This was why there was never a question of canceling the Con because the show was canceled! The Charity and Blood Drive aspects of the Con were another reason that we never would have canceled. Getting to go to the set and having the writers come and talk to us were added bonuses. The “Rally” outside of WB was a way to show our support for the producers, cast,writers and crew who didn’t deserve the treatment they were given by CBS.
    FAN Conventions have been given a bad rap. They are not a group of star crossed crazy fanatics. Fan Cons are a way for fans to meet, support charities and have fun!

  25. Lynn says:

    I was one of the lucky persons who was able to tour the Moonlight set at Warner Brothers last Friday. I am not a crazy “fandemonium.” I am a professional, 50 something woman who has never even written a fan letter! That all changed in October. Within ten minutes of seeing my first Moonlight episode, I was on the web searching for any tidbit about this show and its wonderful actors. And then last week I flew 1600 miles to visit the set and do not regret a minute of it!
    I am enthralled with this show, the romance, the mythos, the “smartness” of the writing. Hopefully CBS’ shortsightedness will be another network’s gain.
    The fans that I met are smart, articulate, passionate, caring, friendly. Most shows would be lucky to have such an audience.
    Thank you for highlighting our Moonlight fans in your article. BTW, did you like our ads in Variety and Hollywood Reporter?

  26. Elia says:

    Moonlight fans are continueing to fight for the show. We are trying to get sponsers who will help support new episodes of the show on the Sci-Fi channel.

  27. Christy says:

    Thank you for the nice writeup. I’m one of the many fans that went to Moonlight Con 2008 and it was fantastic. I met so many amazing people who love the show just as much as I do. We laughed, cried and enjoyed our Con together. We had 50 pints of blood donated and 37 bone marrow testings done last Sunday. $6,500 was raised from our auction which went to the Los Angeles Food Bank. We stood in the rain to show support for our show as well on Friday at the Warner Brothers Studios.
    We fans are sick of the reality TV and game shows taking over the airwaves. Good, solid dramas and comedies need to come back and pull in the viewers. CBS is no longer on my television, even though I love Craig Ferguson lots. I had to cut him loose out of my vow to Moonlight. My loyalties will go to the network that picks Moonlight up.
    Vampire solidarity, rah rah rah!

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