“Lost”: “There’s No Place Like Home,” take two

Lost4finale_2It kinda felt like time stopped for about 48 hours or so after “Lost” delivered to us its amazing season four finale on Thursday night. I couldn’t think of anything else but the scads of plot developments served up in the three-parter, “There’s No Place Like Home.”

I watched it again the way it was clearly meant to be viewed — the three parts consecutively, with pause and rewind buttons at the ready — and tried to step back a bit and think about the larger story that has gripped so many of us since Oceanic flight 815 hit that first nasty pocket of turbulence on Sept. 22, 2004.

Interesting, if not surprising, to see that Jack is the most focused on piecing together the truth of what’s been happening to them — even in his pill-popping, boozy, out-there state in the flash-forwards, he’s on a quest for answers. The remaining survivors, even Have Gun, Will Travel Sayid, seem to still be in a state of post-traumatic island fever denial.

On one hand, the fact that there is a conspiracy to cover it up — the staging of the faux 815 plane wreckage, etc. – should give credence to Jack’s stance that it’s not about destiny or miracles but science, the individual and free will — in this case some folks very determined to snuff out the free will, and the last breaths, of the 815 survivors. (It’s not explicitly clear to me whether Jack’s aware of who Charles Widmore is, but I’m guessing he got an earful from copter jockey Frank Lapidus during the time they spent together on Penny’s boat)

But on the other hand (no pun intended), Jack has a fascinating conversion in the life boat after the helicopter crash, just before they run into Penny’s boat. Soon as he sees the light at the end of the tunnel — the lights of a boat that can help them get back to civilization — he must’ve heard Locke’s warning from the greenhouse echoing in his ears. In insisting that the shell-shocked survivors concoct a doozy of a story to cover their tracks, he’s tacitly accepting at least some of what Locke asserted.

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  1. Paul says:

    Looking for a “Wizard of Oz” reference…rewatch the scene after the big fight with Keamy and crew…when the Others started peaking out of the underbrush. Didn’t it look a little like the munchkins peaking out at Dorothy after her house landed on top of the wicked witch?
    Maybe it is a reach…
    Great ep and great post!

  2. step says:

    Looking closer at ‘the psychic’ that some are claiming was with the others, I can say that they are definitely not the same person. It’s an interesthing theory, but it’s just like the Brazilian at the polar station in the Season 2 finale – it looked like Matthew Fox, but it certainly was not him. Just like this is not the psychic.

  3. BigTex says:

    A great second review Cynthia- from a well deserved “soaking-up” period.
    I believe Jack realizes he has made a mistake in judgement for wanting to leave the island as soon as he sees the island disappear. It is something he has witnessed with his own distrustful eyes and it is without scientific explanation. He realizes the Locke was right and he was wrong so Locke becomes the leader and Jack the follower. He may try to live in normal world but he knows at that moment he will have to go back.
    Crackers- 15 years, last time the island was moved?
    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again- why does anyone trust Ben!!?? Why is it so hard to believe there’s a bigger plan being executed. Why would Locke shake Ben’s hand (a clear sign of Locke’s weakness in my book)? Are some of The Others (Richard?) original mates of the Black Rock? So many questions which better be answered!
    Does anyone remember the 4-toed statue?

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