Lost9sawyer"Who the hell is Jacob?"

As usual, Sawyer cuts through the haze and gives voice to one of the key questions that viewers have had about "Lost" for a long time now.

For sure, "Lost’s" stormy, sensational return with No. 9 of this season, "The Shape of Things to Come," written by Brian K. Vaughan and Drew Goddard and helmed by Jack Bender, was one hell of a Big Ben episode, a tour de force for thesp Michael Emerson.

But it was also a big night for Sawyer, who demonstrated the kind of courage and resolve under fire that only those with the highest moral character, integrity and compassion possess. First he does a "Saving Private Ryan" and risks all to save Claire as the invasion begins. Then he tries to do the same for Hurley, only Hurley won’t let him. Sawyer, we always knew you had it in ya.

"Lost" scribes surely did give us a lot to process in tonight’s return after the five-week, strike-hangover hiatus. Let’s review the apparent tangibles before we dive into the ‘what the #$%^&?’ issues.

**We now know that by Oct. 24, 2005, Ben makes his way to Tunisia.Lost9ben

**We know that Ben kept up with news coverage of the early days of the Iraq war, more than a year before Oceanic flight 815 crashed. Shock and awe, indeed.

**We know that Sayid reconnects with his beloved Nadia after he gets off the island, no doubt because of his notoriety from being one of the Oceanic 6. And we know that Nadia is killed in L.A., three blocks away from the intersection of La Brea and Santa Monica. Don’t tell me they were having lunch at the Formosa Cafe? Pink’s? Shopping at Target?

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