Lost7jinBefore we parse tonight’s episode, let’s take a moment to salute one of "Lost’s" under-appreciated heroes: Jin.

Say what you will about his past, he’s been rock-solid hunk of good guy since we first met him on Sept. 22, 2004. Yes, he was involved in a lot of unsavory business back in Seoul while working for his ruthless father-in-law. But he’s grown and changed in many ways since the crash. And you get the sense that his still had an inner moral compass — certainly we’ve learned through the flashbacks that Jin’s job was getting to him, big-time, just before the crash.

Jin is a man of many skills (didn’t he snap that really mean Other’s neck with just his feet while tied up in the season three finale? As many readers have pointed out, that was Sayid, sorry…), and he’s endowed with patience and generosity. His skill as a fisherman helped keep the survivors alive in the early days. He’s quick to volunteer for the toughest duties (he was on ill-fated raft launched at the end of season one), and he’s loyal to a fault. Back in season two, when Michael first split off from the group (led by Ana Lucia at the time) in his mania to search for his son Walt, who was it that insisted on going after him? Jin.

More than anything else, Jin loves and cherishes his wife, Sun. They’ve had their marital ups and downs, of course, before and during their stay on the island. But nobody, least of all Sun, has a shred of doubt that he loves her truly, madly and deeply, and that she feels the same about this extraordinary fisherman’s son (even if she was intending to leave him if the plane had made it to LAX). "Lost" fans know this like they know the flight number of the plane; the credit for that goes to the writers for fantastic character development over the years, and of course to actors Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim. I bought them as husband and wife from the beginning. When they fight, you can feel the tension.

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