It was like the reverse of the "Sopranos" finale. Was something wrong with my television? Why was the sound of people’s voices on tonight’s "Lost" not matching up with their lips moving?  Was this a nefarious turn in the time-delay plot from last week?

Nope.  This time, there really was something wrong with my TV. 

Eventually, the problem fixed itself, which was quite a relief. Maybe that false start to blame – then again, maybe it wasn’t – but much of tonight’s episode didn’t have the zest of the first three this season. The focus was on Kate, and though her backstory usually interests me, I felt she was sleepwalking for a good chunk of this one.

There was some juicy stuff at the end to make up for it, however.

KateHighlights: Some more big revelations (more on those in a moment), plus Kate’s convincing final scene with Jack in which she earnestly tells him that if he can’t accept her baby, she can’t accept him.

Lowlights: The uninspiring courtroom sequences (though I did enjoy seeing Shawn Doyle from "Big Love" as Kate’s lawyer), combined with the almost mechanical scheming that Kate engineered to bring Miles his minute with Ben. And Sawyer, who has mostly been a dream this season, seemed a bit too oblivious in reacting with such joy to Kate telling him she wasn’t preggers.

Split decision: Locke serving Miles a grenade for breakfast.  Chilling, or over the top?

Truths I’m willing to wait to find out, that you’re probably on your way to figuring out: 1) The big ‘un: Why were only eight original Oceanic 815 passengers found alive? While we’ve been hearing about the Oceanic 6 since the opening scene of the season, it was easy to operate under the assumption that others (not Others) were safely hidden away on the island, perhaps awaiting recuse a couple years from now in the final season. Maybe that’s still the case, but maybe not?

2) The other big ‘un?  What happened to the helicopter? It’s more than 31 minutes late, and not because my TV was on the fritz …

3) Why does Kate have Clare’s baby Aaron (unless that’s just No. 1 on the Island Baby Name list)?  I’ll admit that I feel for the bait-and-switch, thinking Kate was carrying Sawyer’s baby even as she denied it. The reveal worked for me – not quite with the power of episode three’s ending scene of Sayid and Ben, but still pretty nifty. Part of me had been figuring Clare was part of the 6. Obviously, her fate is connected to 1) above. So what happened?

4) What clues were revealed with Daniel and Charlotte’s variation on Three-Card Monte?

5) $3.2 million?  Not $3.3 million or $3.4 million?

6) "Xanadu" or "Satan’s Doom"?

– Jon Weisman

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