‘Lost’ Episode 4: Sound and Jury, Signifying …


It was like the reverse of the “Sopranos” finale. Was something wrong with my television? Why was the sound of people’s voices on tonight’s “Lost” not matching up with their lips moving?  Was this a nefarious turn in the time-delay plot from last week?

Nope.  This time, there really was something wrong with my TV. 

Eventually, the problem fixed itself, which was quite a relief. Maybe that false start to blame – then again, maybe it wasn’t – but much of tonight’s episode didn’t have the zest of the first three this season. The focus was on Kate, and though her backstory usually interests me, I felt she was sleepwalking for a good chunk of this one.

There was some juicy stuff at the end to make up for it, however.

KateHighlights: Some more big revelations (more on those in a moment), plus Kate’s convincing final scene with Jack in which she earnestly tells him that if he can’t accept her baby, she can’t accept him.

Lowlights: The uninspiring courtroom sequences (though I did enjoy seeing Shawn Doyle from “Big Love” as Kate’s lawyer), combined with the almost mechanical scheming that Kate engineered to bring Miles his minute with Ben. And Sawyer, who has mostly been a dream this season, seemed a bit too oblivious in reacting with such joy to Kate telling him she wasn’t preggers.

Split decision: Locke serving Miles a grenade for breakfast.  Chilling, or over the top?

Truths I’m willing to wait to find out, that you’re probably on your way to figuring out: 1) The big ‘un: Why were only eight original Oceanic 815 passengers found alive? While we’ve been hearing about the Oceanic 6 since the opening scene of the season, it was easy to operate under the assumption that others (not Others) were safely hidden away on the island, perhaps awaiting recuse a couple years from now in the final season. Maybe that’s still the case, but maybe not?

2) The other big ‘un?  What happened to the helicopter? It’s more than 31 minutes late, and not because my TV was on the fritz …

3) Why does Kate have Clare’s baby Aaron (unless that’s just No. 1 on the Island Baby Name list)?  I’ll admit that I feel for the bait-and-switch, thinking Kate was carrying Sawyer’s baby even as she denied it. The reveal worked for me – not quite with the power of episode three’s ending scene of Sayid and Ben, but still pretty nifty. Part of me had been figuring Clare was part of the 6. Obviously, her fate is connected to 1) above. So what happened?

4) What clues were revealed with Daniel and Charlotte’s variation on Three-Card Monte?

5) $3.2 million?  Not $3.3 million or $3.4 million?

6) “Xanadu” or “Satan’s Doom”?

– Jon Weisman

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  1. ibleedbloo says:

    Bob brought a comment up on the other board about Sayid possibly not being one of the “6”. If I recall correctly, the previews to the episode said we would find out another one of the “6”. I have not rewatched to see if Sayid introduces himself as part of the “6” or just as a survivor. If he is not one of the “6” I would guess he is the one in the coffin.
    Also, Jack does not want to see Aaron. Either he is upset because he knows Claire is still alive and does not have her baby, or perhaps its a family issue. Jack is Aaron’s uncle. Jack is Claire’s sister and their father being seen in Jacobs cabin definitely opens up way more story lines.

  2. kngoworld says:

    So according to jack’s testimony only 8 people survived the crash, which we know is a lie. We know 6 people make if off the island alive. I believe the other two get off the island, only they are dead. 6 alive + 2 dead = 8 plane survivors. One cold be Claire which would make Desmond’s vision true.

  3. fanerman says:

    I had a weird problem posting that last time. I got to the password entry thing and I’d type the displayed password but I’d get linked right back to the same page, with a new password to type. That happened a couple times until I gave up and closed the page and opened it again.
    BTW, lostpedia seems to suggest that the Kate trial being in California may not be an error and there may be some reason why it did take place in CA.

  4. fanerman says:

    bloopers/continuity errors, according to Lostpedia:
    “Kate was arrested by a federal marshal, faces at least one federal charge (assaulting a federal agent), and is remanded into federal custody; however, according to the court’s seal and court officers’ uniforms, she is being tried in a California state court. Federal District Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over the federal crimes for which Kate was being prosecuted.
    The sequence of witnesses in Kate’s trial is backward. In a normal criminal trial, the prosecution would put its entire case on before the defense would be able to call any witnesses. As such, Kate’s mother would have already testified and the prosecution would have had to rest their case before Kate’s attorney would have been able to call Jack to testify as a character witness in Kate’s defense. ”
    http://www.lostpedia.com/wiki/Eggtown (no spoilers there)

  5. Brent says:

    Kate being on trial in California: Perhaps has something to do with her escape from a Federal Marshall, which might mean it was a Federal case, which could be in any Federal jurisdiction, such as Los Angeles.
    Mile’s breakfast burrito (grenade): I don’t think John served him a live grenade. Though John threw a knife at Naomi, he’s really been much more bluster than a hard case.
    1) I think it is clear that only some of the survivors reach the mainland during the time-frame of the four flash-forwards. I think Kate made it clear that the “8 survivors” story is just that, a story. And I think it is clear that the rest of the survivors are left behind (Jack, recall, will eventually feel that they have to go back, and Ghost Charlie implies as much to Hurley. It just doesn’t seem like the freighter can dock and collect all 30+ survivors, and great conflict is coming.
    2) Helicopter: those who mentioned the rocket-experiment have it right, if you ask me.
    3) I think it is purposeful that we are meant to think that Aaron is Claire’s Aaron. He’s blond, and still young enough to learn to think Kate is “mommy”. I think this because in the prior scene, we are meant to think that the reason Jack can’t accept her baby is because it is Sawyer’s, so we are shocked to find out the baby is Aaron. And that does imply that however Kate wound up with Aaron, Jack doesn’t agree with it, not at all.
    4) Psychic or Memory Impaired? I hadn’t thought of the former, and I’m not willing to believe the latter.
    5) Ben has this great way about him under pressure. Miles is totally intense with his demand, and Ben still ridicules him. Miles either drew that number out of a hat or has some specific knowledge about how much money Ben is supposed to have access to.
    6) Missed that!
    I still thought this show was great. Some of the dialog was hard to hear, and despite three replayings, my wife and I could not figure out what Kate said in the morning just after Sawyer held her hands above her head. Still, gaining clarity that John doesn’t have a plan, the intrigue about Miles’ insistence to see Ben, answering the question about how Kate is free in the first (and seemingly latest in the timeline) flashforward. While we didn’t learn more about the freighter crew, we are set up for great excitement next week!

  6. GMac In The 909 says:

    I have you guys beat: I watched S1-3 in November and December. Some nights, I burned through two DVDs (eight episodes) in one sitting. Yes, I have no life.
    The question I pose to the rest of you is: What happened to Desmond’s visions? Did he lose his power once Charlie died? His power would come in pretty handy with, say, a strange boat of the coast or a bumpy helicopter ride forthcoming.

  7. Eric Stephen says:

    I too thought Daniel’s 3-card monte was a memory test. I thought he was a man of science — the bumbling professor, if you will — not a psychic.

  8. Josh Richey says:

    I was sure Claire was part of the O6 because of Desmond’s vision of her and Aaron getting on the helicopter. This was by far the biggest question raised in the episode to me. Was Des vision wrong? Or does Clair get on a helicopter and die later?
    As for Farraday, I took it as a short term memory test not a psychic ability test. I could certainly be wrong, but I was under the impression he saw those 3 cards a minute earlier and was trying to recal them now.

  9. Eric Stephen says:

    fanerman, I am experiencing the same Lost timeline as you. I watched the first 3 seasons on DVD over the last year or so, and it’s pretty exciting to have a weekly event with the show now.
    I think the person in the coffin hasn’t yet been introduced.

  10. fanerman says:

    Dean, I think there’s no way the guy that died in the coffin is one of the O6. They’re way too famous for nobody to go see the body.
    If I seem eager to talk/post about Lost, it’s because this is the first season I can actually watch it when it airs. I watched the last 3 seasons over the course of the last year on DVD.

  11. Dean says:

    1) I am getting more a sense that everyone who lived got off the island. That would be the Oceanic 6 (Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid are it so far, unless you count Aaron). If so, the final member of O6 might be the person in the coffin from the season finale.
    2) The time lag is probably the issue with the helicopter. However why that is happening would be a good question to get answered soon.
    3) It seems likely that Clare dies, or maybe there is a limit to how many can get off the island and she chooses to send Aaron rather than herself.
    4) I took it to be a test of Daniel’s psychic ability. No reason for it in particular.
    5) Ben seemed to find the amount funny for some reason. He always seems most amused when he knows something the other person doesn’t want him to know. Beyond that, no idea.
    6) The music is hilarious. The old Dharma Initiative stuff is pure comedy gold.

  12. fanerman says:

    Ahhh triple post.
    Also, I don’t think Aaron is one of the Oceanic 6. He didn’t have a ticket on the flight.

  13. fanerman says:

    BTW Mr. Timmermann,
    I think Sayid Bourne mentioned in the last episode (when he killed the dude in Seychelles) that he is in fact one of the Oceanic 6.

  14. fanerman says:

    These aren’t answers…
    1) I think the Oceanic 6 and 8 total survivors is all a lie. From the sound of Jack’s testimony, it sounded like only 8 people survived the plane crash to begin with, which we all know is false. They also mention how the island is deserted, which is also also false. I think a lot of people, like Locke, really did just stay on the island, hidden. And I think the Oceanic 6 will eventually return to the island in a shocking season finale.
    2) The projectile Daniel launched was supposed to have taken like 30 seconds to get from the boat to the island, but it took 31 minutes. Presumably, a helicopter would take more than 30 seconds to get from the boat to the island. Even if it’s only a few minutes, the total time for the flight ought to be proportional to the 30 seconds to 31 minutes? It’s TV.
    3) I’m guessing Claire dies =(. I thought she’d be one of the 6, too. But Kate pretty much takes care of Aaron as if she were her own. It sounds like Claire’s dying wish is for Kate to take care of the baby. That or Claire lives and stays on the island but for some reason wants Aaron to get out. Maybe Jack objects to that for some reason.
    4) I thought Farraday was psychic. A psychic physicist. And he lost his psychic powers on the island. Silly I know. But he doesn’t seem dumber from his frustration. He seems, broken.
    I have nothing to speculate about with 5 and 6. I’m clueless.
    I also thought this episode was weaker. Just not as good from start to end.

  15. Eric Stephen says:

    Also, it’s apparent now that Aaron is the “him” Kate needed to get back to in the final scene of Season 3, before he noticed she was gone.

  16. Eric Stephen says:

    My first thought on the Daniel/Charlotte 3-card monte was that Daniel was getting dumber on the island. Not sure what to make of it.
    Also, how old is Aaron now? 2 or 3? I wonder how long the Oceanic 6 have been off the island. Probably at least a few months to a year, with the amount of fame they’ve received.
    I liked the Locke/Miles grenade scene, although I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the grenade is a dud next week.

  17. Jon Weisman says:

    Good question, especially because the prosecutor made such a big deal about keeping her in *this state*.

  18. Bob Timmermann says:

    I was fully expecting the baby to be Aaron. When characters start using pronouns without antecedents, I get worried.
    But why the heck is Kate being tried in California when she did her killing in Iowa?

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