‘Lost’ Episode 3: Wow

Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow.

Tonight’s “Lost” was not only thrilling at times, it was bursting at the seams with nougaty goodness.

Let’s skip right to Truths I’m willing to wait to find out, that you’re probably on your way to figuring out.

1) Who is RG, the initials on Naomi’s commitment bracelet, which was similar to the bracelet worn by Sayid’s future paramour/pursuer/pursuee Elsa (Thekla Reuten)?

We know he or she’s a big deal, big enough to have Sayid proactively killing for Ben in the future-present in an attempt to protect survivors from the island. But who will he turn out to be?

2) What is RG’s connection to Penelope?

The well-trod picture of Penny and Des was in Naomi’s possession when she was killed. And yet, Penny claimed at the end of last season she knew nothing of a rescue boat.  Who’s zooming who?

3) What’s up with the 31-minute delay in real time and island time, as shown by Daniel’s payload experiment?

4) “A war is coming, that we will be powerless to stop.”  How bad does that sound?

5) But that’s a problem for another day.  How dangerous was the final helicopter ride, ’cause it sure seemed dangerous?

Highlights: This episode was filled with them, starting with Sayid’s future identity as Oceanic 815’s Jason Bourne. But for the second time in three episodes, Hurley played a huge emotional role. 

His failure to get Locke to compromise over the fate of Charlotte, combined with the regrets we know he will have about Locke once off the island, made Hurley’s being tied up and gagged in the closet convincing. (It also provided laugh-out-loud lines, such as this response after Miles insulted him: “Oh awesome, the ship sent another Sawyer.”) Then, when it was revealed Hurley was complicit in the ambush of Sayid, Kate and Miles, Jorge Garcia played the beat perfectly.  It’s a hard-knock life, for him.

Jeremy Davies, who seemed more quirky than endearing in his debut appearance last week, bloomed tonight with his thoughtful nervousness. He’s a spiritual brother of Hurley, one of the few people on the island who reacts to tension with more than dead seriousness. (And I’m still loving Jeff Fahey as Frank.)

The exchange between Sawyer and Kate, when Sawyer explains why he doesn’t want to leave the island and questions why Kate would, was on the money. Sawyer feels things, man – to the point where you really have to wonder whether Kate is sensitive enough for him. 

And finally, every time a gun went off, I nearly jumped off the couch. I’m telling you – thrilling. I suppose if one were trying harder than me to guess the future, one might have seen those shots coming. But one of the reasons “Lost” works so well for me is that what’s going on in a given moment can be so pure, so enjoyable in and of itself, that my mind doesn’t even care to try to outguess the show.

Lowlights: None per se, but there is one thing I’ll put in this section since it wouldn’t really belong anywhere else. When Sayid, Desmond and the late Naomi went aloft in Frank’s helicopter, it made me immediately recall of the final scene of “MASH,” when Hawkeye leaves Korea in the chopper and views the “Goodbye” that B.J. has spelled out in rocks.  It was bittersweet, perhaps, but it was also cathartic.  I have to admit some sadness that when the parallel moment came tonight, when people who have been trapped on this island for 100 days (as Jack mentioned) finally got up, up and away, I couldn’t be happy for them. Too much tension; none of that exhilaration that we had when Michael and Co. took off on their rickety raft at the end of the first season. Again, it’s not a problem with the show – it just reinforced in me that amid all the excitement, I’m still rooting for these people to be saved.

– Jon Weisman

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  1. Thank you, great stuff as usual.hryy

  2. It is really very fortunate to locate your webblog!

  3. fanerman says:

    ibleedbloo, I think speculation is okay. Just not any insider details.
    I think Claire is definitely one. The Oceanic 6 ought to be fairly high-profile characters on the island. Aside from Claire, there’s only Sawyer (who doesn’t want to go), Locke (who really doesn’t want to go), Jin/Sun, or Michael/Walt. But it seems with the pairs, if one’s off the island so is the other. I think Aaron doesn’t count because he didn’t really have a ticket on the flight. I’m also open to the possibility that 7 people could have gotten off the island but only 6 of them be from Oceanic 815. Kinda like with the Big Ten having 11 teams, or something. Aaron could be one of the 7.
    I don’t think Desmond or Juliette ought to count, since they weren’t on the flight. But they’re also candidates for people who really want to get off the island. And I’m sure they’d receive plenty of fame for getting off the island, even if they weren’t part of The Six. But I don’t think not being on the flight is loophole enough to not be counted as one of The Six (the way Aaron has a potential loophole). Which leads me to think that they either are forced to stay on, they die, or they get off but get off secretly, like Michael/Walt.
    Speaking of Michael, I suspected that he was behind the “rescue” after the S3 finale. Aside from Penelope, who else would actually be looking for the island? That was my reasoning until Naomi, angry Asian guy, and company showed up. I imagine Sayid’s German girlfriend is part of that group and Ben and Sayid team up against them. That team-up is really something to speculate about.
    I think the time moving slower is pretty legit. That science experiment proves that something is definitely up. But what if that rocket hit the helicopter? They could have been potentially screwed.

  4. ibleedbloo says:

    You may be right with the time moving slower. They have only been on the island for about 100 days, but it seems more like 4 years to me.
    Friends and I have been debating/guessing who the other 2 of the Oceanic 6 are. There are differing opinions as to if Desmond would count as he was not on flight 815 or perhaps Aaron would count. I know, no spoilers so I will end the comment here. Just know it was a 2 hour conversation last night and there never was a consensus.

  5. Ryan Buller says:

    Feel this working theory:
    Ben’s spy on the boat is Walt/Michael (They are both due to return this season and this seems the most feasible way to reintroduce them to the story)
    Furthermore, they will explain Walt aging so much because time on the island moves slower than it does off the island (as per the payload). This also could be the cause of why babies cannot be born on the island. With time moving slower, it offsets the nine month gestation period and the babies essentially cook in the proverbial “oven”.

  6. Jon says:

    I only saw the last Bourne movie. I just liked the way Sayid lived on the edge, especially with his cellphone.

  7. Bob Timmermann says:

    Like Jason Bourne, Sayid also has a German girlfriend, but that’s about the only similarity. Those two women meet the same fate, but in far different ways.

  8. kngoworld says:

    I believe I, and many others who are fans of this show, have complete faith in the producers and applaud any twist the writers take. Regardless of how far out of left field it is. I’m not sure if this is a good thing, but it makes every episode enjoyable, in itself.

  9. Linkmeister says:

    Eric, it helps to have either seen the movies or read the two books; Bourne was an assassin before he woke up with amnesia in The Bourne Identity.

  10. Eric Stephen says:

    Well, now I feel dumber! I’ve only seen the first Bourne movie, so the reference went over my head. :)

  11. Eric Stephen says:

    Doesn’t Sayid introduce himself as Sayid to his golfer / shooting victim? He also introduces himself to Elsa as Sayid. Where is the Jason Bourne reference? Is that one of the passports he sees at Ben’s house?

  12. Jon says:

    We were talking at work today about when the group of five might air. April-May seems possible.
    But you know I wasn’t serious about him being Bourne.

  13. Eric Stephen says:

    I feel stupid for not catching that Sayid’s name was Jason Bourne. I’ll have to watch that part again.

  14. Eric Stephen says:

    Jon, “nougaty goodness” was a nice touch. This episode seemed so thrilling. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire hour.
    At the end, I knew Sayid’s doctor/vet was Ben just by his voice, but it was still a lump-in-throat moment when it was visually confirmed.
    How long will the delay be between the 8th and 9th episodes?

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