Lost10faradayRight off the top, a round of applause for director Stephen Williams and cinematographer Cort Fey.

The look of this seg, "Something Nice Back Home," was fantastic — sharp enough to cut glass. You never saw so many shades of green in the jungle. The sweat and stubble on Jack and Sawyer’s faces was palpable, and it seemed like many of the shots were framed more tightly than usual — heightening the sense of being inside a character’s head.

If last week’s "Lost" seg, "The Shape of Things to Come," was an "Indiana Jones" episode packed with action and adventure, then this week’s was the John Cassavetes’ edition, an intense, intimate look at the dark side of love and relationships and betrayal.

Scribes Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz did a fine job of writing was was essentially a multi-pronged character piece, though the plot pace surely picked up in the last few minutes. The operating room scene where Juliet overrules Jack on the anesthesia was quick-cutting at its most effective.

The episode had plenty of crowd-pleasing moments. The sight in the first flashforward of Jack and Kate enjoying domestic bliss, however briefly or tenuously, must’ve cheered many fans (same goes for the lingering shot of Kate’s butt), though true to real life, Sawyer does seem to still cast a long shadow over their lives.Lost10rose

As if we needed more reasons to like Rose, she gave us one early on in the seg when Bernard is pressing Faraday on whether he’s being honest about the freighter failing to answer their radio calls and Charlotte starts to get snarky.

"Just watch your tone, Red," Rose scolds. Thank you, Rose, thank you.

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