“Jericho” fans: Nut cases for a cause

Jerichodelivery We were told they were coming, but it still didn’t prepare the Variety newsroom for the sight of 26 cases of unsalted peanuts showing up at our door on Tuesday afternoon.

Jericho fans are nothing if not determined. The loyalists who helped save the show from annihilation after its first season with a well-orchestrated campaign last year have regrouped to find more creative — and not inexpensive — ways to bring attention to their cause. (Last year, “Jericho” fans sent nuts by the truckload to CBS execs.)

The nut-cases delivered to Variety all featured a sticker that read “Save Jericho! “Nuts to Nielsen!!!” highlighting the shortcomings in the ratings service’s ability to track viewing on more than just the old-fashioned live telecast.

“Jericho” stalwarts are convinced that if CBS could get its arms around the number of people who are Jerichonuts_2 watching the show via DVRs, web streaming and paid downloads, it might be enough to have convinced the Eye to hang tough rather than nuke the show for a second time as it did last month. The industry’s inability to get a clear understanding of the new world of on-demand viewing habits is a big problem, bigger than even a nuclear bomb going off in the middle of the lone prairie.

“Jericho” fans have also shelled out in the past few days for full-page ads in Variety and the Hollywood Reporter designed to convince another net or cabler to give the show a chance. Pretty bold, given that CBS Paramount Network TV could probably bring the law down on them for shopping something that isn’t exactly theirs to shop. Ad even goes so far as to point interested buyers to CBS Par Entertainment boss Nancy Tellem. CBS, meanwhile, has migrated the show to the “CBS Classics” page of its website and is offering web streaming of all 29 episodes from both seasons.

Jericho4sale The “Jericho” fandom may be an irritant to CBS Par execs, but at a time when even TV’s top shows are taking double-digit ratings hits, it’s heartening to see that TV, even canceled TV, can still stir up such passion in viewers who adopt shows as their own.

So thanks to all the “Jericho” lovers out there, and thanks also for the protein boost that many of us at Variety will enjoy during the next few weeks (months?) as we work our way through the peanuts. About an hour after the delivery arrived, the newsroom was a-poppin’ with the sound of peanut shells being opened.

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  1. Now the information flows in an era of abundant data are changing the relationship between technology and the role of the state once again. Everyone’s life is inseparable from the information.

  2. chasvet says:

    During the past couple of seasons, the networks have created new sci-fi shows which they cancelled after one or two seasons, or even after just part of one season. When they did that to Journeyman, it was the last straw.
    I will never again take the time and effort, to even attempt to watch any new sci-fi offerings on network TV, no matter how tempting they may be. I will not be part of that target audience for big business to pitch their products to.
    If I do not watch any of the shows to begin with, and when they yank them off the air, then I can never be disappointed, let down and upset.
    Sci-fi shows have a dedicated and intelligent audience, and shows of that type, without huge campaign and advertising blitzes (like Heroes), do not do well in a network TV environment. Haven’t they learned that by now? Does anyone seriously think that Battlestar Galactica would have survived on Fox, CBS, ABC, CW, or NBC?
    Until Sci-fi becomes more widely accepted, and the general public can broaden their horizons beyond mindless reality TV (not to include legitimate talent competition shows, which are done a disservice by being labeled as “reality”), these shows belong on the Sci-fi Channel (which we all know is owned by the network NBC), on other cable channels, and in syndication where everyone is much less worried about their shows being in the top 20 or so.
    If those who do not want to see any newly created classy sci-fi shows suffer the same fate as Jericho, Journeyman, and the like; then you need to do as I plan to do, and to post that intention on every related forum/discussion board you can think of. If enough of us do this, maybe future sci-fi show creators and producers, will get the message and avoid network TV all together.
    In this manner, massive campaign drives to save shows by signing petitions, writing letters, sending Rice-a-Roni to production companies and network offices, and other related efforts, will became mostly unnecessary and rare events. I am thinking however, of starting one on-line petition, aimed at production companies, for those of us to sign who have the same desires and intention. Hopefully that will be the only petition we will ever again need.
    If any new sci-fi shows, no matter where they are aired, do not meet our standards, then the powers that be will know, and they will be phased out or canceled. In this way, shows that are so well written, produced and which have so much potential, like Journeyman, will not go down the network drain, while they experiment and search for the biggest corporate bucks. We, as a dedicated and knowledgeable audience, enjoy watching science do the experiments, not at us being the corporate experiment.
    I suggest that all sci-fi fans who care about what’s presented to them, and who want to see quality prevail; get started on this venture, and don’t let up. It’s the only weapon we have to wield, in the quest for quality Sci-fi programming.
    By the way, in reference to “Dollhouse”; I have no intention of even giving it a chance. If it or any other sci-fi shows are quality shows and manage to survive on network TV for more than four years, then I will consider buying them when they are released on DVD.
    May quality science fiction television, live long and prosper; just not on network TV.

  3. moon says:

    I’m not agree whith the last comment. I think the season 2 is on line with season 1, even if this is more extensive.
    Somebody can think that jericho season 1 was only at action film har the others?
    I don’t believe.
    Thanks for the article.
    moon (Spain)

  4. Cult Busters says:

    The few remaining hard core fans of Jericho are spinning their wheels in a pointless attempt after it failed for a 2nd time. Stick a fork in Jericho – its done, kaput, finished, toast. Loved Season 1 but Season 2 was just a too much of leftist political thriller where the cast played 2nd fiddle to an Oliver Stone/Michael Moore type plot line about evil companies and right wingers nuking America. No wonder millions of fans deserted the 2nd coming of Jericho. They really succeeded in screwing up a good show – and the finale ending was lame as well.

  5. Rosma says:

    Thanks for the article:
    I am fans of Spain and we fight to obtain a 3rd period to Jericho.
    Rosma (Spain)

  6. brandi says:

    What a great article! Let’s hope that the ad gets some interest, so we can have Jericho Season 3 and beyond.

  7. Russell says:

    I hope Nancy Tellum’s phone is ringing off the hook and there is a bidding war going on!!
    Thanks Variety, we “Nutty” fans will never give up!!

  8. Gigi (KW223) says:

    We Jericho fans are a very determined group. We never give up. We are fighting hard for a new home for Jericho and a Season 3. Thanks for the positive article. Enjoy the nuts!

  9. Ana says:

    Hi Variety!!
    Thanks so much for covering the 2nd Save Jericho Campaign!! I really hope one day there will be an acurate rating system for the 21st Century to take into account New Media through itunes, dvr, On Demand, etc. Today we watch TV when we want.
    The new buyers of Jericho are going to go down in History for keeping this “cult show” and its loyal viewers to their station.

  10. bdplaid says:

    We Jericho nuts love you guys. great article, great understanding of the situation. thanks for the plug.

  11. OKJhawkgirl says:

    Great article, thanks for giving Jericho some much needed and deserved attention. Hope everyone there enjoys the nuts : )

  12. JUDYTANK says:

    It was so refreshing to read your article and acknowledgement of our efforts to save our show! Thank you for helping to publicize our efforts some more, and for your positive comments about the show. It is a high-quality, thought-provoking show that deserves a third (yes, a third!) chance on a station that does not have the tunnel vision of CBS and is willing to count the real masses that watch! Our fight will continue until the last nut falls! Speaking of nuts, do enjoy your protein source for a while! Thanks again.

  13. MREinLa1 says:

    Thank you for your help with the save the Jericho campaign. We, as fans, have found a special show that not only makes us think but captures our hearts. There is still so much story to tell that it would be a shame if its never finished.

  14. christine says:

    Jericho is such a well written show. It IS the only show on the networks that I refused to miss. Last month I went to Jamaica and I snuck back to our room just to watch Jericho. Even paradise couldn’t keep me from my favorite show. It must continue.

  15. virginia valcourt says:

    Thanks for this forum where we can post our thoughts and for any help Variety can give to Jericho fans.
    Lots of us here in our area (Idaho Falls) cannot get local channels, like CBS, so we could not watch on TV-even trying to contact local stations didn’t work, so we are forced to watch DVDs and online. The word is getting out via word of mouth up here and passing along DVDs. So I know for a fact we here in IF were NOT counted!!

  16. mpbnice says:

    You would think that some network would appreciate getting a ready-made six million plus viewership! The Rangers will watch Jericho wherever it goes.

  17. Lynn says:

    I look forward to the day when television viewers don’t have to fight to save quality programming from cancellation, year after year. Until then, the 6 million (counted) fans and millions more of DVR, online and international (uncounted) fans of Jericho will continue to fight for this show. Thanks to the re-broadcast of episodes on cable channels and online, the fan base is growing larger every day, and wherever Jericho ends up, that’s where we’ll all be. Thank you for the nice article!

  18. Kay Ruben says:

    Thanks for the positive posts. Jericho is a fantastic show, not like the boring reality TV that is being broadcast now. When you hear of a show (like American Idol, don’t watch it) that one of it’s stars, so out of it that they talk about performances that didn’t happen, and someone thinks that is entertainment, I believe that could be the downfall of the Television industry.
    Jericho is a great story driven show that actually pulls you in and makes you think. That is entertainment!
    Thank you again for your article. I hope you enjoy your treat, and maybe you might think of a way to help us find a home.

  19. nobodysbaby says:

    I hope we are not an irritant to CBS Paramount…Jericho fans really appreciate that CBS Paramount is at least shopping Jericho.
    The unfortunate reality is that CBS IS a business and advertisers fund that business. Once the advertisers realize that Nielsen is indeed outdated and really take a serious look at the alternate viewing numbers then shows like Jericho will not be in peril episode to episode, season to season.
    Simple questions:
    How many homes have just ONE television set?
    How many nurses, policemen, 3rd shift folks are at home at the designated viewing time?
    How many of those keeping America going at night still want to see their shows and will TiVo, DVR, On Demand, online, download their favorite shows?
    How many are going to be able to stop being productive at age 49 (the target age group)?
    I have no intentions of “slowing down” at age 49…even the government raised the retirement age years ago…why can’t Nielsen?

  20. Cheri-Lyn says:

    Excellent article!! Thanks for acknowledging our efforts to get Jericho back!! Enjoy your “treats”!!!

  21. Sam says:

    Thanks for the positive attention, and enjoy the nuts!

  22. Liz says:

    Thanks for the positive article, and for your good sense of humor! The Jericho fans are nothing if not dedicated — let’s hope that a new venue for Jericho can be found.
    And the Nielsens? It may have worked in the 50s, but not anymore. It’s time for something that truly reflects the many ways that TV fans enjoy their programming today. Everyone deserves to be counted.

  23. Jon says:

    Wow – that story made me smile:)
    Glad to see Jerich Fans still have some fight left in them. and Nuts to Nielsen!
    Jericho family not counted here.

  24. Gwen says:

    Thanks for helping us spread the word and enjoy the nuts!

  25. Kerry says:

    Hope you enjoy the nuts!
    Hope VARIETY gets a buyer for JERICHO!!!

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