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Since its debut four seasons ago, CBS’s "How I Met Your Mother" has been distinguished by its ability to meld witty characters, biting wordplay and genuine romantic touches with a storytelling style that routinely whips from present to past and into the future. Now, with Ted’s marriage plans to Stella having gone belly up on the Jersey shore, the series again ponders who’ll be "the one" for Ted Mosby, future dad.

Thomasbays And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as Season Pass readers posed their questions to "HIMYM" creators-showrunners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, right. Topics ranged from the Barney-Robin prospects to the recollection of Victoria, one of Ted’s earlier loves, who still seems to hold a warm spot in the hearts of "HIMYM" fans. And, not surprisingly, there were plenty of questions that delved into the show’s intricacies, its timeline and the trail of clues laid out so far.

Reflecting the banter that characterizes the show’s writing, Bays and Thomas clearly relished the chance to have some fun with this Q&A session. Read on for their answers, revelations and their favorite question:

Neil_harrisl Q. What does Barney do, exactly? Will you ever actually state it in the show? — Jeremiah
A. We love never quite saying what Barney does — although, as of episode 2 of season 4, we now know his mega-corporation, Altrucel, has merged or somehow overtaken Goliath National Bank (and now Barney and Marshall work together, or at least in the same building). That’s probably the most specific thing we’ve ever said about it. We just like maintaining the mysterious world that Barney inhabits. We had a friend in NYC who, if you asked him a question he didn’t wanna answer, would dismissively say, “Please,” and move on. That’s what Barney says if you ask him about what he actually does. This vagueness allows us to make weird intimations that his company is involved with very, very bad things, which often seem to involve the North Koreans. Remaining vague throughout the series about what Barney does is part of our master plan, in the very last "HIMYM" episode, to reveal that Barney is an international spy, and then spin that off into its own hour-long action drama. Cha-ching! You know where to reach us, networks!

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